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Thomas Will - Acid Blood - Deep Acid Mission Vol. 4

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You'll see… More. Shelve William Gibson's Alien 3. Alongside a full cast, Michael… More. Sulfuric Acid LaMotte. Sulfuric Acid Labchem. Sulfuric Acid, 0. Sulfuric Acid 0. Sulfuric Acid 1.

Sulfuric Acid 8. Sulfuric Acid Standard Solutions Hach. Sulfuric Acid, 6. Sulfuric Acid, 4. Some of this research is not new, it is more than ten years old, yet we are just appreciating its application. The deep fascia is a highly vascular structure with a superficial and a deep layer, each with an independent rich vascular network of capillaries, venules, arterioles, and lymphatic channels.

The presence of mast cells in deep fascia suggests a protective role similar to other connective tissues. The deep layer has few elastin fibers but does have myofibroblasts, suggesting contractile ability. Any active contraction would need to be controlled by a nerve supply and, indeed, one finds myelinated and unmyelinated nerve axons and Schwann cells in these deep fascial layers.

The deep fascia is not just a tough barrier structure of collagen and elastin, but is a metabolically active vascular layer which provides gliding and protective functions Deep fascia has parallel longitudinal collagen bundles and rudimentary elastic laminae, giving it both high tensile strength and elasticity. At the junction between the deep fascia and the muscle, without any special secretory cells, the fascia is able to maintain a lubricating layer of hyaluronic acid hyaluronan which, like a hydraulic fluid, allows sliding between the fascia and neighboring muscle.

However, when the epimysium is disrupted in surgery, overlying fascia does not remain distinct and does not create a gliding layer over the scar More recent findings show that while hyaluronic acid is a lubricant, breakdown products of this large molecule are themselves tissue irritants 18 , and fragments from collagen, elastin, and laminins in the extracellular matrix also modulate activities of inflammatory cells This layer of hyaluronan is — microns thick.

The architecture of the fascia allows continuity of nerves, blood, and lymph vessels between the sliding tissues. With trauma to the muscle, the overlying fascia no longer produces the sliding layer of hyaluronan. Restoring this natural sliding mechanism becomes the next task for the manual therapist.

I was a car mechanic before I went to medical school, and learned that my hands could detect valve clearances with an accuracy of one thousandth of an inch that equals 25 microns. I would lie on my back, reach up around the engine on the old air-cooled VWs, pop off the valve cover, and wiggle the rocker arm to check the valve clearances. From time to time, I would go through the effort of squeezing in a feeler gauge to check what my fingers were telling me.

To put this in perspective, a red blood cell is 8 microns in diameter and a sheet of paper is about 75 microns. Most of us can tell the difference between 75 and microns, for example when we turn the page on a magazine and accidentally get two at a time. The newer musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging machines are beginning to have sufficient resolution to see a hyaluronic acid layer of — microns MRI resolution is about microns. I have tested the ultrasound machine I use in my clinical practice.

My hands are still better. In planning the congress, the scientific committee had a hunch that fluid flow was an important concept to address. As we sought keynote speakers in this area, we learned how right we were. Dynamic mechanical stresses have long been recognized as important in the maintenance of supporting structures such as bone and muscle.

Less well recognized is the need for stresses and pressure gradients to maintain function in all living tissues. In soft tissues, interstitial flow is primarily driven by plasma leaving the blood capillaries and that pressure gradient, in turn, is affected by large movements of the skeletal system and smaller motion from arterial pulsation, respiration, and organ motion.

This slow interstitial flow can have a direct mechanical effect on cells, as well as transporting proteins and other components of the biochemical environment. However, increased interstitial flow stimulates fibroblasts to differentiate into myofibroblasts, and increase production of collagen and other factors associated with fibrosis Collagen displays piezoelectric properties; this was invoked 50 years ago from studies of dried bone as a mechanism to explain the remodeling of bone in response to stress.

However, when investigators began studying wet bone, they found the remodeling was primarily directed by streaming potentials from the movement of fluid through the bone canaliculi connecting with Haversian canals 21 , rather than by piezoelectric properties.

Fluid flow thus appears again as an important bioregulator. Until I spent two hours figuring out what the keynote speaker Dr. Rolf Reed meant by one diagram in his recent paper 22 , I myself did not fully appreciate how important this fluid flow is. The loose connective tissue surrounding the organs and muscles has four main components: 1 a network of collagen fibers which is the primary three-dimensional scaffold for the blood vessels; 2 elastin microfibrils; 3 ground substance including hyaluronan; and 4 interstitial fluid.

This tissue is not static and its properties can be rapidly modified. In humans, the extracellular fluid volume is 15 L, with normal blood plasma volume of 3 L, and 6—10 L passes through the lymph system each day with resulting turnover of extracellular fluid every 48 hours.

There is substantial flow of fluid through our tissues every day, every hour. I always thought that fluid leaked out of the blood vessels and passed through lymph channels until it returned to the venous system.

As it turns out, we find as much complexity in the fluid as we do in the muscular and fascial system. Here is where the manual therapist comes in. Learn More. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

Answer Wiki. Originally Answered: Blood is acidic or basic? Related Questions More Answers Below When blood becomes more acid than normal, what is the condition called? What substance is more basic than human blood? What are the 20 examples of acids? Which substance is formed as a result of an acid and base reaction? At pH of 7. Apple cider vinegar has incredible health benefits.

It turns out apple cider vinegar is more than just a great salad dressing. Which one of the following is the strongest acid? What are some examples of acids?

Is blood a pure compound? Why is human blood basic, and what mechanism or action does the body have when blood pH changes? The type of acidosis is categorized as either respiratory acidosis or metabolic acidosis, depending on the primary cause of your acidosis.

Respiratory acidosis occurs when too much CO2 builds up in the body. Normally, the lungs remove CO2 while you breathe. This may happen due to:. Metabolic acidosis starts in the kidneys instead of the lungs. There are three major forms of metabolic acidosis:. Both respiratory and metabolic acidosis share many symptoms. However, the symptoms of acidosis vary based on its cause. If you think you may have acidosis, go to the doctor immediately. Early diagnosis can make a big difference in your recovery.

Doctors diagnose acidosis with a series of blood tests. An arterial blood gas looks at the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood.

Sulfuric Acid found in: GR ACS Sulfuric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, SULFURIC ACID, Sulfuric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Normal, Sulfuric Acid mL bottle Thomas No. CV59 Multi-purpose sulfuric acid standard solution. Sulfuric Acid Vol Solution.

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