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The Magdalen Green - Various - Coorse And Fine, Songs And Ballads Of Dundee

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Tuesday, 24 April Graffiti vandalism reported in Step Row. I have slammed mindless vandalism caused by graffiti vandals who have defaced a prominent building in Step Row — see photo below :. I have been contacted by residents who are extremely annoyed at this stupid vandalism. It is also on some other parts of the street and unfortunately because of the sandstone quality of the wall, managing to get completely rid of the graffiti will prove a challenge. It is extremely disappointing to see this sort of stupid and deliberate damage taking place.

Labels: Step Row. The City Council released information last week about the roads and pavements it intends to resurface over the current financial year. In the West End, these are as follows :. Glamis Drive West End only. Menzieshill Road South footway.

Oxford Street East footway. Balgay Park Various footpaths. Pentland Avenue Steps. As I indicated in the Courier last week, I welcome any resurfacing or other improvements to our roads and pavements in the city but there has to be a real debate across the council about the long-term as what the council does not say in its publicity about this is that there has been a real terms cut in funding for resurfacing this year.

Councils face significant financial challenges but the bottom line is that there needs to be discussion about reinstating capital programme for roads and pavements in future years if there is not to be deterioration of the roads and footpaths estate as a whole across the city.

I particularly welcome further progress with tackling unadopted footways including parts of Glamis Drive, Menzieshill Road and Oxford Street in the West End but it is vital that roads and pavement programmes as a whole are given sufficient capital investment going forward. Saturday, 21 April Vintage Market. Labels: Perth Road , Roseangle. Friday, 20 April Friends of Balgay Spring meeting. Author and historian Murdo Fraser will give a talk on 'Montrose and Argyll' - his recent book - and all are very welcome to attend.

Labels: Balgay Hill , Balgay Park. Thursday, 19 April Macmillan Cancer Support - gentle movement classes. Labels: Macmillan Cancer Support. Fairtrade: enabling sustainable, quality coffee from small-holder value chains. Monday 30th April at 6pm. Ewan has worked for the company since joining as a graduate in and joined the Board in He will also explore the Fairtrade coffee market and the challenges and opportunities of the Fairtrade coffee system.

Tea and Coffee will be served from 5. There will be drinks and refreshments afterwards. This is a free event. All are welcome but please do register for a ticket on Eventbrite here. Labels: Riverside Nature Park. Monday, 16 April West End Surgeries dundeewestend. With the Easter school holidays now over, it is back to West End Ward surgeries this coming week. My full surgery details are below — although I can also be contacted via esurgery frasermacpherson.

Wednesday, 15 December Harness: Two for the Road Posted by themusicgatherer at 2 comments:. Labels: Scottish folk groups , Scottish folk singers. Bracken: Introducing Bracken Labels: Dundee , Scottish folk groups. Kontraband: North Star Labels: Ron Gonnella , Scottish fiddling. Labels: Scottish Singers. Fiddlers Three Plus Two Vol 2 c Labels: Scottish fiddling. Fiddlers Three Plus Two c Keith seems to have been the musical director on this album, and he still performs with his band in Scottish Country Dance circles.

This is a lively collection of tunes with a strong fiddle leading sound. Dundee is developing rapidly: very few can deny this. Whether you subscribe to the BBC, The Guardian, SciTech Europa or even Vogue, many international papers are reporting on what the city has accomplished over the last two decades and what the city is up to next.

Hurrah for living in the sunniest city in Scotland! Nothing, sadness or perhaps trouble registers amongst them or at least from what I was told, when earnestly asking the question to a circle of prospective students. The assumption that Dundee is lacklustre is sadly one which the city may never shake free of.

As internet forums and Scottish meme pages uphold a general sense of asinine humour when discussing Dundee, it is sometimes hard to find that happy compromise between optimistically looking at the city and embracing the harsher realities that exist. Guiltily, I admit that prior to arriving in Dundee, it was easy to believe that the campus was everything that I needed.

Why bother exploring when all you need is less than five minutes away? It was only after being forcibly woken up by a fire alarm at 5AM, when I decided to take a long walk. For too long I had been saying that I lived in Dundee, without actually seeing the city or fully. In hindsight, taking that 6 hour walk was what opened my eyes to the brilliance of Dundee. Although that was almost four years ago now, the memories of exploring Coldside, the Harbourfront, the Hilltown and industrial zones remain with me.

Thus, I am inspired to give you a flavour for the city, share some of the greater attractions beyond the campus and inspire you to look out for some of the more secretive places you may never have thought about. It is undeniably what will draw a lot of attention to the city over the course of this year and will feature frequently in your quarterly catch up with the relatives.

For being a hallmark of the one billion pound investment into the waterfront, it stands just by the HMS Discovery as a great feat of engineering, architecture.

The discovery is also an attraction worth seeing: as you would get to understand more about the legendary boat that sailed to the Antarctic and back. Fancy something off the beaten track? Alternatively, if you are a fan of the stars and astronomy, then look no further to the Mills Observatory. After trekking up Balgay park 30 mins North West from town , you can find yourself in the nicely isolated centre with. True fact. If you are more nocturnal, then how about a ghost tour?

Underneath The Shore lurks the old harbour: a long lost piece of the city harkening back to the time when Dundee was a prime destination for sailors and sea folk. The tour would be likely to cover the grounds of the Howff, a collection of tombstones dating back as far as the 16th century. For a burial site, despite its appearances, is a peaceful place to spend a moment or two in contemplation. Even by taking a quick ten-minute walk, you can end up finding your local for the next three to four years.

What is perhaps unique to Dundee is the popularity around greengrocers, butchers and most notably bakers. Whether you are in town, on the Perth Road, venturing to Broughty Ferry or further into the counties of Angus, Fife or Perthshire and Kinross , there is a deep satisfaction that comes with purchasing from the local artisans. If there was ever a time to get into healthy eating as a Dundee student, it really is now no pressure though.

If you are up for engaging with the communities and spending some time connecting to your inner community worker, then I would more than recommend getting involved with a project or two. Granted, it is entirely dependent on what time you can give, but if you really wanted to get to know what makes Dundee, then I doubt there would find a more immersive experience.

All it takes is a quick search to find the projects that engage with you most. Yet have you considered the waterfront down Kingoodie, taking a walk through the botanic gardens or even venturing to Camperdown Wildlife Park?

These are just some ideas, but what really matters is taking the time to find them. This list of things is far from fully comprehensive, and if you were to ask anyone on what their perspective is, then you will undoubtedly find a trove of ideas that I would never have considered.

I would recommend taking a long walk. Right now, this very second. If it is in a bid to combat loneliness or to find a sense of isolation to quietly contemplate life, then take that weekend off to do so.

Her head was lifted high, eyes travelling from her pushed back shoulders, to her barely visible collar bones and further down to her pointy breasts. Sucking in her stomach, wishing it was leaner. Grabbed a handful of pubic hair, letting it slide through her fingers. The hair was dark and coarse. She put a hand on her hip and thrusted it forward.

She looked into her eyes, so alike her mothers. She never really believed that. Turned away from the mirror before opening them again. She looked outside the window. The sun flowers licked the raindrops. She walked briskly through the rain as another car drove by her.

She looked up and felt a drop on her lips. She licked it away with the tip of her tongue. There was always such a beauty to the sky. To the stars. Such mystery, such attraction. She was letting go. Or was she but all just hollowness of a shell, holding in oceans of tears? His eyes were like moss blended together with hot chocolate. She thought about how every religion had a piece of truth, which could be enough for a new beginning.

Of reconciliation. Of happiness? She would walk for miles and miles and see no end. She would fall every day. The darkness around her grew closer. The scars on her skin were left by heartbreakers and she hugged herself to get warmer. The time went slower and slower. The rain felt deeper and deeper. He would not come back. You were everything. Just lost. I am a house, built on a fundament which is my faith in myself.

Sometimes I have to rebuild the house, one brick at the time. His voice would bring back memories of broken bones and darker rooms. She climbed up the stairs, higher and higher.

She needed to see the city lights. She could never go back to the same places as before, because she could no longer go without tasting him like the taste of blood in her mouth. Every time, she found somewhere new. I am the sound of summer, each year sweeter and fresher than the year before. Sometimes I get remixed, but in the end, I will stay the same.

The lights of the cars were blurry and moving at such pace that it looked like one, long stream of lights. She could barely see the stars from here, the city lights drowned them with their many colours and intensity.

It would be part of her, like the lipstick she always wore. Or the golden necklace around her neck, reminding her that, after all, nothing lasts forever. Gang Aft Agley It was all quiet where he sat. The pistol felt heavy in his hand and his arm felt heavy on his shoulder. His body felt faint and his clanging head was ready to swing to the grass, more and more swayed by the shivering in his lungs. The wind whistled through him.

He was sitting in the kitchen with his breakfast untouched and had lost himself in a daydream. When she started speaking to him, he straightened himself and resumed his natural stoic poise. She put the other earring in with ease and started grabbing her things. She had fastened her hair in a bun to present herself as professional. John slipped me fifteen bucks to help out. Claire looked at her husband. Wish me luck. George played with his food a little.

He tapped the plate with the fork and then tapped his temple twice. He laughed at himself. Then he got up with enough force that his body threw the chair back.

George ran out the door to catch up with Claire. He yelled after her and tried to catch sight of her. She spun around, embarrassed and a little angry. Claire, wait! What are you doing? People are staring at us.

Pick Lennie up from school. We pick him up. We drive to the Lockheed factory for your interview. We go get lunch somewhere. She was happy to see him happy but had to temper the both of them. They took a. George put on a solemn face and gravely told the receptionist that there was a family emergency.

The receptionist, a kind-looking, frail old woman, hurriedly obliged and walked them through the corridor decorated with innocent drawings. She knocked on the door and politely peered in. A few words later and she stepped back, replaced by a plump happy kid too stocky for his own good. Lennie beamed with a smile bigger than his face. You are. Bloodlines: The Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia is a gripping and inspirational forthcoming documentary examining the life and career of one of the most acclaimed contemporary fine-art and tattoo artists.

A New York-based virtuoso surrealist Vincent Castiglia started using his own blood as an exclusive personalised pigment, a raw material from which the art is born. Castiglia creates phantasmagoric monochromatic sepia-toned tableaux. What kindled your interest in art? To be forthright, making art began very early in my life as a way of disconnecting from my environment, the most effective way, actually.

I was four years old. Drawing has become second nature to me ever since. What is your preferred painting medium and why? Human blood, because it provides the most direct connection, I believe, one can have with their work. I fell in love with blood painting because it perfectly communicated the emotions building up in me. There was some pain involved in the process of blood collection, which corresponded to extreme emotional distress at the time but then, through its reconstitution on canvas, I saw almost as if looking through windows, into the depths of my being and psyche.

It was magical and liberating. Every new aspect of my subconscious was a manifest, which would. Recognised for its complexity, depth and genuineness, his artwork evokes elements of figurative surrealism, while exploring the universe of reveries, spirituality, slumber, oblivion and wretched existence.

In the run-up to release of his documentary, Vincent gets interviewed by The Magdalen. Things I was unable to share or communicate in any other way were beginning to take shape in my artwork. This enriching experience has been and still remains crucial for my very being and evolution as an artist. How would you describe the genre and themes of your artwork? It is figurative and surrealistic. It could also be considered symbolist by some. The themes are as varied as the experiences we encounter over the course of life and its aftermath - the intentions that motivate us and are remembered by others.

What were the main obstacles on your career path as a fledgling artist? How did you manage to overcome them?

There were a lot of obstacles: coming from meagre means in Brooklyn and working in an extremely unusual medium, to name the few. Which of your artworks appeals to you most? What makes it special? This piece contains so much raw emotion!

It depicts a mortal man asleep in the arms of a power greater than himself, a blind force of greed and excess personified by the devil-like figure. Oblivious and infirmed, he is being glared at by the unseen forces unbeknownst to him. It is my allegory for the current state of the world. In earlier interviews, you mentioned H. Giger as your mentor and the greatest artistic inspiration. What have you borrowed from him?

Having been acknowledged by Giger through his invitation to present my artwork at his solo exhibition was the most pivotal experience in my life up to that point and the most unfathomable honour. I have gleaned many things from our relationship, including his guidance and a personal example to aspire to. To me it means more than what the extensive popularity and financial success could ever amount to.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired some of your pieces of art? In it, a mother is portrayed breast-feeding her child despite struggling to nurture herself due to self-evident maladies that are innately threaded into her existence. There is frailty, decay, and temporality represented in this painting but there is also love, hope, and serenity in it.

This piece directly relates to my life experience in terms of relationship with my mother. She was crippled with a mental illness but nonetheless, was still caring for me as a child, albeit in her own morbidly handicapped way.

I believe this piece is universally relatable because as the human species, none of us is immune to weakness and personal impediments. Having seen Madonna, Jesus and archangel Gabriel appearing in your paintings, a cathedral window quilt pattern tattooed across your neck, I would like to ask about the role religion plays in your art and life?

Art is my sacred place, it is my form of contemplation in a sense. This is how I commune with my vision of a power greater than myself. To me, the iconographic overtones are simply a way of communicating the sacred nature of art and how much direction and resolve I draw from creating it. You once mentioned that getting tattooed is a way of releasing inner demons for your clients. Do you believe that all people are plagued by demons? If so, describe what your demons are like.

I do not. I would rather define them as discordant energies. That statement referred to projects of a particular subject matter. Jenny Marshalls Candy O. Worthies of Dundee I. Fizzy Gows Tea Party. Cadgers o Dundee. The RoonMooed Spade. The Wife o Denside.

Historical Songs. The Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee. Lady Dundees Lament. The Piper o Dundee. The Tay Bridge Disaster. The Lang Awa Ship. The Sailor Laddie I. Were Bound to St Peters. Old Dundee Town Once More. Dundee Once More. From Sweet Dundee. The Dundee Whaler. Bonnie Laddie Hieland Laddie. A Warning Tak By. Jockeys Escape From Dundee. The Cooper o Dundee. The Dundee Weaver.

Mar 16,  · The Ballad of Mark Magdalen; Artist 50+ videos Play all Mix - Cry Cry Cry - The Ballad of Mary Magdalen YouTube Richard Shindell 14, views. Best Rock Songs .

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    Lyrics to 'The Ballad Of Mary Magdalen' by Richard Shindell. My name is Mary Magdalen I come from Palestine Please excuse these rags I m in But I ve fallen on hard times But long ago I had my work.
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    Listen to your favorite songs from Songs and Ballads From Perthshire Field Recordings of The s by Various artists Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.
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    Oct 02,  · Dundee singer Ed Muirhead has already immortalised the city’s Kingsway in song. Dundee musician sings the praises of Magdalen Green. Dundee musician sings the praises of Magdalen Green.
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    Dec 15,  · The Ballad of Mary Magdalen, a song by Richard Shindell on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics bluegrass.chartgenie.netinfo Duration: 4 min.
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    The Magdalen Green (Roud ) Down by the Yeaman Shore The Mill, Marriage, and Unemployment > Folk Music > Records > Various Artists: Coorse and Fine. Coorse and Fine. Coorse and Fine Songs and Ballads of Dundee Various Artists. Springthyme Records SPR (LP, UK, ).
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    Friends of Magdalen Green. Search. To raise money for DAMH (Dundee Association for Mental Health), they are holding a soup and pudding on Saturday, 26th of May, at Dundee West Church, from am to 1pm. Tickets are £5. Please come along and support them.
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    Jun 30,  · Tour Scotland video of the City of Discovery Brass Band on a windy day visit to Magdalen Green, Riverside, Dundee, Tayside.

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