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The Hatcliffe House Tapes - Volume 6 - New Wave Licks And Trips

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Phil Ochs compilation, VHS; 1. New York, N. McDarrah, Corinth Books, Growing Up at 37 , Jerry Rubin, M. Evans and Company, ; with inscription from author. To anyone who agrees with the Porn Doctor, I suggest renting DVD's and only buying if the raincoat factor is extremely high and repeat viewings are a guarantee.

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What type of spreadsheet or database programs do you own or plan to use? URL of this thread. FrescoEdits returns with the second chapter of his series, editing and unearthing 2 gems from Italian and international pop scene, an italian tv soundtrack, and a smooth jazz track.

Legendary NYC house label Strictly Rhythm is celebrating a mammoth 3 decades of cutting edge, roof-raising house music. Truly a benchmark. Strictly Rhythm is easily one of the most recognisable and respected dance music powerhouses of all time.

Across 3 limited double vinyl offerings, the Strictly catalogue has been expertly picked over to present you with a snapshot of some of the most earth shattering house music to emanate from the streets of New York City. A who's who of producers and artists, all killer and no filler. End to end classics that help to tell the story of one of dance music's most well loved labels. Fully legit, remastered and selected with love courtesy of Strictly Rhythm and Above Board distribution for Happy birthday Strictly Rhythm!

No long story to tell I wanted to make something I could play at peaktime and then I went and asked 3 mighty producers whose stuff I adored if they would like to make a version each. Unleash these bea s ts. For those that would rather leave the vocals at bay, the B side houses the instrumental mix in all it's glory. A radiant release that still sparkles as bright as it did back in — an essential buy!

First volume of a selected series of reprints of DFC's classics. The mission is to simply uplift your spirit through music and word. Released as a series of eight limited vinyl-only 45, when assembled together the covers reveal a beautiful design courtesy of designer Charlotte McCrae.

Chapter 1 includes the brilliant but incredibly tough pull, Rev L. DJ Support: Tone B. The release kicks off with 2 dancefloor adapted tracks, skillfully blending a variety of influences into modern house music. On the flip side, the vibe feels much more mellow and warm - as if the tracks are tuned for an afterparty or a more leisured setting.

Disco Bits are back with a couple of late night dancefloor sureshots from top notch Japanese producer Kazahaya! The track builds and builds with a killer vocal from a soul legend.

There is even a heavy drums breakdown towards the end of the track. Mashups don't get better than this. Side B - Forever A midtempo soul workout on the flip, perfect end of night fodder. Kazahaya takes a slept on Casablanca classic and moulds it into a heavy modern soul wonder. It includes 4 funktastic reworks by label head Rayko. Pete Herbert: Loving Body Language and revenge. Will play for sure. Loving this release and Bonononos wins for me. Peza: Loving these.

Please send me vinyl bro! Trujillo: Body Language is groovy as fuck! Thomas Fraudental: nice as always! Limpodisco: killer bassline over there. Several years ago, the born under pitches DJ Crew members got their hands on a couple of original 70s obscurities, while these standout records shone brightly in their own right, the team finally decided to put them out as those obscure old records fetch eye-wateringly high prices on the second-hand market.

This will surely be one of the most keenly anticipated disco release of the year. Gator Boots returns for lucky Three edgy edits from Italian outfit Blue Mondays. Including longtime favorite White Wedding and other unexpected dance floor excursions. David Penn is one of Spain's biggest DJs and producers, who celebrated being named 1 house artist on Traxsource in !

Has managed an impressive eight tracks in the Top overall tracks of the , nineteen in the Top House and several Traxsource 1s throughout the year.

Lunetta11 launches its own music label releasing the brand new single of Mangaboo featuring the Neapolitan icon and world renowned jazzist Enzo Avitabile.

Intimate and intense or exuberant and sensual, depends from which prospective you look at the sea. Releasing four of the biggest dance tracks of and crowned as the 2 Beatport Artist Of All Time, Dresden born disco-house producer Purple Disco Machine has quickly become one of the most prolific and sought after producers in the industry.

Kicking off the A side is The Funk District - 'Play The Game', what a way to kick start this vinyl release with its hooky vocal, funky chords and driving disco vibe perfect for the dancefloor. Bringing back that old disco vibe, beautiful keys and percussion with a vocal which flows through the track to give you that disco lift feeling with a catchy baseline.

Flipping over onto the B side we have C. Da Afro - 'Groove Definitio', funky guitar riff to get your feet stomping with a pulsating baseline groove and a guitar solo to fall in love to. Finishing up this perfect first vinyl from Moiss Music is Alexny - 'Take You There' driving beat, disco filters and pumping vocal will take leave you wanted to play this track again and again.

As we boldly enter a new decade, we cap off the pingin' naughties with another four bangers for your intergalactic nappers on this, the tenth instalment of our various artist EP series! Red Laser Corp. Featuring two new ascending space cadets, ready to prove their worth on the universal playing field, alongside well-decorated star commanders Ste Spandex and Franz Scala; this latest Manctalo mission is destined for undisputed interplanetary acclaim.

First up, it's local interstellar fugitive, RL regular and black listed hardware abuser, Ste Spandex; whose titular tribute to one of dance music's most notorious labels is as fitting and arresting a piece of glistening, space disco-tek as its namesake deserves. Centered on triplet synth shards and a rugged acid line, Spandex-patented perx snap, crackle and pop as the track careers through the asteroid belts protected by a capacious force-field of electrostatic energy.

It's epochal synth array referencing classic Italo disco whilst revealing a precision sign-writing maturity that belies the fact that this is indeed the duo's first release! We've switched things up for tournaments this year.

The rookies will not be going. This is content for fine folks with good hearts and curious minds. It's hard lesbian. Extreme Lesbian Explorations is a celebration of nympho girls. Sometimes girls just. Charlotte Sarte arrives at the convent to fulfill her dream of becoming a nun but. Video Preference. Member Login No Account? Email Address:. Remember Password? Password Help? Your password reset link will be emailed to you.

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Mastodon Remission. Megadeth Peace Sells Metallica No Life 'til Leather. Monster Magnet Powertrip. Motorhead We Are Motorhead. Motorhead Iron Fist. Motorhead The World Is Yours. Motorhead Motorhead Orgasmatron. Motorhead The Birthday Party. Mountain Flowers Of Evil. Mountain Climbing! Mountain Twin Peaks. Neil Young Freedom. Neil Young Tonight's the Night. Neil Young Neil Young. Neil Young Comes a Time. Neil Young Mirror Ball. Neil Young Road Rock Vol. Orange Goblin Coup de Grace. Ozzy Osbourne The Ultimate Sin.

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Faith No More Angel Dust. Fireballet Night On Bald Mountain. Frank Zappa Motels. Grateful Dead Shakedown Street. Grateful Dead Go to Heaven. Grateful Dead Built to Last. I had a little.

You know, my first gun. Well, Dock took that pistol and traded for three gallons of that liquor and we carried it till we got tired and we hid two gallon of it. He got hot! Hit it pretty lucky. When he finished we had enough money to where we come back on the bus. Yeah, we done pretty good. Now, a few years later, one of the times when him and his wife Sarah split up and he lived over at Mayking Kentucky , he sold all the furniture out of their house.

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But that was to change after a tour in Vietnam and my discharge from the Army. Upon my return home I enrolled in the local college thanks to the G. My sociology teacher, Helen Lewis, knew that I picked at the guitar and sang a little bit.

I had known her since the eighth grade when she was the college librarian.

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    New York dance music royalty Louie Vega and The Martinez Brothers have joined forces on new single ‘Let It Go’, out 15th November via Cuttin’ Headz. First featuring on The Martinez Brothers’ recent fabric presents mix, ‘Let It Go’ is a gloriously stripped-back dose of New York house.
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    The Hatcliffe House Tapes is a project masterminded by John Lee Richardson doing a Series of Recording Sessions captured at Lat: - Long: between the years AD.
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    Explore releases from The Hatcliffe House Tapes at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Hatcliffe House Tapes at the Discogs Marketplace. The Hatcliffe House Tapes: Volume 6 - New Wave Licks And Trips (Album) 3 バージョン: Indifferent Space Recordings.
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    We send a weekly mailer only when new movies are added to items you subscribe to. You can change your settings and alerts anytime from the my_mail center. Turn on Category Alerts and Subscribe to this Category Golden Age Erotica Volume 6 Preview. Play Video. In this sixth of an eight part series, you'll experience the rapture of the.

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