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Stone Factory - Secret Worship

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Sign Up. A text message with your code has been sent to:. Didn't receive the code? Don't have your phone? Prayers that God would awaken his glory in a way that it would overwhelm us. Thanks for your interest in serving on the Worship Team here at 12Stone Church. We host open auditions at each campus on a monthly basis. The Worship Pastor at your campus will let you know when the next opportunity will be and direct you through the next few steps in the process.

Thanks for your interest in serving on the Production Team here at 12Stone Church. Every year, the undead townsfolk invite a new family to the house to consume the newcomers' blood and assimilate them into the populace.

A dark secret is also afoot in My Hairiest Adventure , which you might remember as " the one where it turns out they're all dogs or something" if you've read Blogger Beware. Throughout a good chunk of the book, the fear of a conspiracy actually plays second fiddle to the Body Horror of the narrator Larry sprouting monstrous hair everywhere.

This trope eventually comes into play when Larry's friends start disappearing and the local adults act as if those kids never existed. The secret turns out to be less dark than one might expect, but it's still pretty damn weird. The local paediatrician Dr Murkin is a mad scientist who employs the other adults in town.

All the kids are actually dogs; Murkin turned them human, and his workers adopted them as part of the experiment. The injections that Murkin gives Larry twice a month? All the kids get those injections to keep them human. Larry's friends went missing because the treatment stopped working — which is happening to poor Larry too, hence all that hair.

Yes, really. The town of Shadyside in R. Stine's Fear Street series. Teens dying horribly, being possessed by evil — and it's all going on for centuries. Lesser Malling in the first book of The Power of Five series. The secret is that all the villagers are working to open a gate which will let the Old Ones , and the protagonist is one of the five tasked with making sure that such things don't happen.

There's also a village of cannibals in the last book. The company town of Despair, CO. Its dark secret isn't really that the giant metal recycling plant is recycling munitions "the government's dirty laundry" , bombed-out cars from Iraq, or even that they're helping deserting soldiers flee to Canada but its religious fanatic owner is stockpiling the salvaged uranium to set off a dirty bomb and jumpstart Armageddon by causing even more fighting in the Middle East.

Their mistake is trying to run the Determinator protagonist out of town and leaving a deserter-turned-informer to die in the desert to be found by said protagonist. Scrote in Terry Pratchett 's Soul Music , probably. We never actually get it confirmed that there's anything sinister about their traditional barbeque near the rockery, because The Power of Rock protects our heroes. In Brotherhood of the Rose by David Morrell, the intelligence services of the world have set up several luxury "retirement" communities, each regarded as neutral ground where no-one is allowed to be harmed.

Only the men running them know that the residents ambitious men who've fallen from grace, cooped up in a Gilded Cage which eventually palls are frequently Driven to Suicide.

Tower Valley in Magnus is revealed to be the testing ground for the Mark of the Beast. Le Guin , must always keep a mentally handicapped child locked in a dark basement, given only the barest amount of food to survive, without any kindness or affection given to that child for any reason whatsoever, for the moment anyone gives that child any sort of comfort at all, their entire "Utopian" society will collapse in that instant.

The story is unclear whether the child was born handicapped or has just broken from malnutrition, fear, and only a few moments of cruel human contact a day.

The Trope is ultimately played with in a meta context because the narrator, who had been singing the praises of Omelas as a Mary Sue Topia so far, is Genre Savvy enough to know that the reader is so used to this trope that they cannot believe Omelas can be so perfect without a catch, so he drops the description of the child and the unspeakable atrocities that are done to it , and thus the reason why the titular people walk away they are the ones who cannot stomach such a horrible thing being done for the sake of the town being perfect, and prefer to take their chances finding happiness elsewhere with a "here you go, the trope you were waiting for!

A horrible flaw in the system! Are you happy now!? Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon features a quaint little New England town called Cornwall Coombe that celebrates a harvest festival involving fun activities that will insure the life of the corn crop. Attending this particular festival uninvited carries a pretty steep penalty. Silverdale, Colorado in John Saul's Creature is a quaint company town where the school has a high-tech sports clinic Dashiell Hammett 's short story "Nightmare Town" in a collection of the same name seems like a weird town where people act strange, there seem to be more houses than people, and the guy running the town is openly threatened by his son.

The secret is that it's run by, and for, murderers and thieves, and the protagonist happens to get there a few days before the place is burned down for the insurance money. It's one of the few examples where the secret isn't supernatural, and yet still manages to be just as much Nightmare Fuel. Only a handful of people don't know the secret.

Inverted in Good Omens. Lower Tadfield has a secret, but it's hardly dark. Superficially it's a quaint little Quirky Town complete with pristine cottages, white picket fences and apple trees, but it hasn't changed for ten years: Urban development bypasses it completely, the weather is always perfect, and the area is rich in ley lines.

This is because it's the home of the ten-year-old Anti-Antichrist , who wants to keep it intact for his perfectly normal childhood amusement. In "The Web", the title character John Rourke comes across a peaceful town in the mountains where no-one even mentions the war. It turns out that everyone made an agreement to use up all available resources to keep things going as before, but when the supplies run out they plan to commit mass suicide by blowing up the town.

Unfortunately by the time Rourke finds out the truth, the lonely woman he's staying with has drugged and tied him up so she won't die alone. Played with in W. Valgardson's short story Bloodflowers ; what was originally a Quirky Town only became a TWADS after the narrator accidentally gives the superstitious townsfolk the idea to sacrifice him. Peyton Place. Basically, the entire novel is author Grace Metalious's way of saying that every idyllic American small town has at least one dark secret hidden in its depths.

Though the only living resident who knows the secret is one old man Hinzelman who's actually a Germanic tribal deity who made a deal with the town's founders. In exchange for ensuring Laketown's prosperity he kills one child every winter. The other residents weren't told by their ancestors who made the pact and chalk the disappearances up to runaways or custodial disputes.

It turns out the Hinzelman kills anyone who figures it out, including one of the father of one of the residents. When the chief of police figures it out, he is horrified and promptly kills Hinzelman to stop the cycle. In Robert E. Their masters hide away and let them eat strangers, to prevent a slave revolt. Harfang, from The Chronicles of Narnia , is a beautiful, luxurious city, home to the only " Gentle Giants " of the far north.

Actually, these giants will eat any creature that isn't a giant , including their guests. In the Inheritance Cycle , the townsfolk of Dras-Leona worship man-eating monsters known as the Ra'zac and Lethrblaka , honouring them through self-mutilation and Human Sacrifice.

Their High Priest ess? To the outside world, they seem just to be a bunch of very ugly humans who hate strangers and don't pay much attention at the church assuming that there is currently a priest there after the previous one has died in mysterious circumstances.

In reality, they're half-animalistic, still worship their pagan deities and indulge into cannibalism, eating their dead. It appears to be a quiet coastal village until you notice the ominously overprepared police force and hear about all the violent deaths in recent weeks. Turns out, Moonlight Cove is under the control of a megalomaniacal Mad Scientist trying to create a race of cold, efficient New People, and the remaining normal citizens are all scheduled for " conversion.

Another Koontz example is Moonlight Bay in his Christopher Snow books, where the authorities are cooperating with the military to hide a massive, civilization-destroying secret. Denke, Kansas, a town of cannibals in S. Epperson's Borderlands. Oh, yeah. In Norman Partridge's Dark Harvest , all the teenage boys of a small Midwestern town are entered into a Deadly Game with a murderous pumpkinheaded scarecrow named the October Boy.

But wait, that's not the secret. The real secret is that every winner of the game is actually set to be killed by their father in order to become the new October Boy, and the father is then expected to help put the boy together when the next game begins.

The protagonist ends up helping the latest October Boy when he learns the truth. In The Silver Codex the town of Centerville has a lot of dark secrets going on. In The Halfblood Chronicles , the treatment of humans by the elves that run things generally ranges from chattel to cattle. The third book, Elvenborn , introduces the estates of House Prastaran Some do, some don't, and one manages to pretend it doesn't for some time. They kidnapped and nearly managed to sacrifice one of the Marines, by torturing him to death.

A planet has been delaying their full compliance with the Imperium for years now, all the while hiding the presence of their xenos overlords. Ultimately, they've been buying time to summon an Eldritch Abomination to defeat the Imperial forces. The settlers in The Damnation of Pythos are one big cult of Chaos.

It's not hard to infer this, however, given that a the planet is home to creepy old structures, b the settlers are devoutly religious uncommon in M31 humans, given that the Emperor's forces have been enforcing secularism at gunpoint across the galaxy for two hundred years at this point , and c the book is called The Damnation of Pythos , indicating that some damning may be going on at some stage.

However, two things set them apart from most of the other entries on this list:- The townsfolk don't actually know what is going on, exactly. Nor did any of them instigate this state of affairs: it's perhaps one of the creepiest "bubbles of evil" on record. They know they all seem to black out at the same time every night, then experience horrific nightmares, then wake up in their beds.

When going out their doors, they then have to fix whatever damage has been done to the town although not all of it sticks, so it's very weird. This happens regardless of whether they leave the town, commit suicide or die by accident trying to e. They always, always wake up in their beds the next day; and, anyone who stays the night in the town or dies there will suffer the same fate and, will have to find accommodation to wake in every day.

The villagers do have a fairly good idea of what is going on, but don't exactly know all of the details. They simply try to soldier on as best they can. The villagers actively try to prevent the fate from happening to anyone else by keeping people from staying in the town's limits overnight. Granite stone is coarse-grained, hard igneous rock consisting chiefly of quartz, orthoclase or microcline,and mica, used in monuments and for building Beautiful collection of artifacts keenly observed, sculptured and produced by experienced artisans to suite your requirements and needs.

We have a huge collection of Again, this was something we discovered in the Serpent Grail to be closely and intimately connected with the worship of the healing serpent. But it is this association with water that seems to be important to such structures in terms of earth electromagnetic energy.

There may be an important link between round towers and the Phoenicians, who had similar structures dedicated to their rain and water deity Baal. There are thousands of these towers scattered across Sardinia, just north of the Phoenician city of Carthage, dating to at least 2, years before Christ. But, as Ralph Ellis pointed out in his Jesus , Last of the Pharaohs book, the round towers are remarkably similar to the Ben-ben tower to be found in the Temple at Heliopolis, which links to the Phoenicians, as their very name comes from the Ben-ben bird, or better-known Phoenix.

The Phoenicians would then, in our modern age, become infamous for spreading beliefs across the world via their many trade routes. They were one of the most proficient sea peoples ever to have lived. The round tower has also been related to the djed pillar or backbone of Osiris. In the Naga or serpent homeland of India the round tower became the stupa and in China the pagoda - both other forms of round tower.

Remember that these negative ions in the Parr pyramid experiments were thought to cause antigravity and anti-electromagnetic effects. The very tale of Lady White Snake is popular all over the world, and is ultimately due to this electromagnetic energy. It is the Lady White Snake or lunar snake that is trapped in the pagoda for a thousand years. All are related to the serpent energy and serpent cult , and many have the same astronomical alignments.

And Masau said,. Alexander M. Stephen, The Journal of American Folklore. Could this be an indication of the death of the snake cult? Could this be the Hopi version of St. And if so, then it relates back to Ireland, where, again, there are hundreds of round towers connected with the serpent!

Remember that Baal was implicated earlier. Baal, being the Canaanite rain god, can also be related here, as the Hopi have a word for water - paal they have no b and therefore it resolves into p. Paal also means broth and wonder. If it is the case that these round towers or snake houses are seen across the Atlantic with the same religious and cultural grounding, then it is also true to state that the Anakim are also related in some way.

But what about the science of the round towers? Is there anything that can be related to the energy discussed with the pyramids? In the book Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions, Professor Callahan relays his research, which amazingly shows that the round towers may have been designed as huge resonant systems for collecting and storing meter-long wavelengths of magnetic and electromagnetic energy.

Sound fanciful? It did to me, so I looked deeper. He believed before his time, I might add that this energy would be passed on to those meditating at the site. Full evidence of this is outlined in my book Gateway to the Otherworld. Of the towers tested in Ireland, Callahan found that the iron-rich rock that they were made from indeed helped this effect along. It is my opinion that further research should be carried out at all the round tower sites in Ireland and elsewhere before the ravages of time are allowed to destroy what could be a remarkable insight into the practices of the ancient serpent cult.

What we can see here is the extent of the influence of the first origins of secret societies, both in culture and texts, but also in the many fascinating and mysterious archaeological remains of the world. These Shining Ones are the first on paper.

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    Nov 26,  · Secret history of Stonehenge revealed. Ancient site may have been place of worship years before the first stone was erected sacred site at least years before the first Stone .
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    Mar 10,  · out of 5 stars Stone secrets - a secret well worth reading. July 23, Format: Paperback. If you buy this book be prepared to have the time to read it - as soon as you start reading that first page you wont want to put it down!I read it within 2 days. It is a story written in a beautifully easy to read style, following the journey of Cited by: 1.
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    Welcome to Stone Factory We offer various Indian stones like Sandstone, Slates, Quartzites, Limestones, Stone mosaics, Stone artifacts etc in varied finishes. The availability of our own quarries & interests in other quarries assist us in successfully meeting the varied needs of our global clients.
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    The Sacred Stone, Bohemia, New York. 1, likes · 8 talking about this · 32 were here. Shamanic drum circles, Intuitive classes, Singing bowl classes and crystals from all over the world PLEASE CALL Followers: K.
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    Note: Not all colors depicted here are in stock, please contact our office to check availability prior to attending our showroom.
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    Description: Stone Worship: The Language of Stone. The Language of Stone. (By Alex Whitaker. Oct, ) The Megalithic tradition has fostered numerous theories concerning the skills, abilities, and above all the motives behind working with almost impossibly large stones around the ancient world.
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    Stone Exalted IPA represents the elevated state of reverence that Stone extols for the venerable and almighty Hop. Loral & Citra hops have been anointed to bestow their divine qualities on this sacred brew. This limited release is part of Stone’s Hop Worship Seasonal IPA Series Glory be to those who imbibe it in its freshest form and faithfully worship thy Hop in the beauty of blissful.
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    Assassination Classroom has Fukuma Island, a tropical paradise home to several gorgeous beach resorts. The lone hotel on its mountaintop is a luxurious getaway for influential mafias, businessmen, politicians, and assassins who are after Koro-sensei and the students of Class 3-E.; Many of the towns that Kino visits in Kino's Journey have a dark secret somewhere along the line.
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