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Rama Donna - Audacity - Power Drowning / Mellow Cruisers

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Where did you play in the early days? Cameron Crowe: Things get easier, but things get harder with age. Our booker tricked us into fat camp. How much of the pre era is available on records? Scene Point Blank: You have a new record soon. How did you get involved with Suicide Squeeze? Scene Point Blank: Burger Records was started out by friends. Was it hard to leave the label? Cameron Crowe: We're still great buddies and we all cried but it was the right thing to do. It was everywhere surrounded with walls and irregular fortifications, and bristling with steeples and antique towers, while at the foot of the rock was a mole stretching far into the sea, and giving shelter to a few The diligence soon arsquare-rigged and smaller vessels.

This building was of very different construction from any rived at the foot of the had yet seen for the whole of the ground floor was for carts and other vehicles, while the stables for inn I left open ; mules, horses, and asses stood farther in the rear ; the kitch- A YEAR IN SPAIN.

Conducted by the stable-boy who carried my trunk, I was able to find out the obscure staircase, and trace my way to common the eating-room, smoking on the board. I found my companions where our dinner was already in a room whose balconies over- looked the Plaza, or large open square, earnestly employ- swallowing their food, for they were to set off again few moments for Reus, a very flourishing agricultural and manufacturing town, which lies inland from Tarrago- ed in in a na, and where the Catalan industry still continues to make head against the pervading depression.

They soon after rose from table, descended, and took their seats in the diligence and when they disappeared at the end of the Plaza, from the balcony to which I had wandered, as if ; I returned loath to part with these acquaintances of a few hours' standing, and proceeded in silence to despatch my solitary meal.

I had a letter for a and familiar Frenchman merchant, and the delivery of it might have secured me a pleasant afternoon, and an insight into whatever was curious in this once famous city ; but not feeling in the most pleasant mood to deliver a note of hand for hospitality, I took my hat and wandered forth into the streets of Tarrago- na, without any fixed purpose, bending my steps whichever way chance might lead them.

At the western end of the Plaza I found a gate opening upon a cultivated valley r which was not without its attractions. Over the ravine below was an aqueduct, raised upon a double row of arches, which furnished the city with water, and added greatly to the beauty of the scene. How different the last from the lighthearted Frenchmen I had seen at Barcelona!

Instead of their military frankall who passed them. There ness, these officers scowled on was little of the soldier about them, except their thick mus- was easy to conjecture that they owed their a zeal in the royalist cause, the effect either of interest or fanaticism, than to military experience. Yet history furnishes abundant proof of the importance of Tarraco, and the remains of temples that still exist in Tarragona, of a palace of Augustus, a theatre, an amphitheatre, and an aqueduct, are conclusive as to its site.

It is sufficient, therefore, to name Hamilcar, Hannibal, and Asdru- the Scipios, Pompey, Julius Cesar, and Augustus, as having trod the soil of Tarragona, to awaken the loftiest bal, associations. Saguntum THE morning solitary ramble among the ruins called very early, in order to be in readiness for the departure of the Valencia diligence, in which ef Tarraco, I my after my was had previously been taken.

I had come thus far Reus coach, with the view of rendering the ride less seat in the continuous, and travelling as new much as possible by day. My travelling companions, less mindful of their comfort, had only enjoyed a halt of two or three hours r and had not, been at the trouble of undressing so that, when I entered the eating-room, they were already assembled.

This was the most distinguished-looking personage of our party his air was decidedly soldierlike, and I set him down ; at man ; but he turned out to be only a Valencian merchant, or shopkeeper, which in Spain are sythe nonymous terms, there being now no merchants once as a military m The same country, except those who likewise keep shops.

Of its pursuits which I is 63 found in more flourishing countries. They were all accoutred in future the gloomy garb in which alone science may be wooed in Spain, and with which the life and animation of counte- nance incidental to youth, especially from the eye of authority and brought pany, were utterly The when thus relieved into congenial com- at variance.

This chocolate, of such universal use in Spain, a composition of cocoa, sugar, and cinnamon, carefully ground together and formed into cakes. To prepare the is usual portion for one person, an ounce is thrown into three times its weight of water, and, when dissolved by heat, it is stirred by means of a piece of wood turned rapidly beuntil the whole has a frothy When the chocolate was despatched, and consistency. On leaving Tarragona the road passes through a country and olives, tolerably well cultivated, keeping genvines of the inerally to the level of the seacoast, and only seeking when necessary to avoid a projection of land and too terior great an angle.

This is the case at Col-du-Balaguer, its French name indicates, is a narrow pass lying which, as between two mountains. The castle of Balaguer crowns the crest of the mountain on the right, and commands comBeyond this the road pletely the passage of the defile. This place was formerly infested by robbers, who, taking advantage of the seclusion and concealment of the ravine, and the impossibility of escape from would take their stand at the bottom, survey at leisure entered the pass, and then selecting their game, plunder and murder it at pleasure.

To check these atrocities, a gallows was erected on the very site, where every it, those who robber caught in the neighbourhood was hanged with little ceremony. Before reaching Amposta we came to a fork of the roads, where a small covered cart was in waiting to receive the mail for Tortosa, a considerable city raised to the municiWhile the mail was shifted from pal dignity by Scipio. The country throughout was a barren and sandy down, destitute entirely of trees and underwood so that it was easy to cateh sight of the neighbouring sea, and of a number of small keys which lay ; along the coast, forming an interior navigation, as is the case in other parts of the Gulf of Lyons, and in a still more remarkable manner along the coast of the United States.

Scipios, Cneius and Publius, met and conquered Asdrubal, when his way into Italy with a strong force to join his for- on tunes to those of his kinsman Hannibal, already in the neighbourhood of Rome ; and it was thus that the destinies of the future mistress of the world were decided by a battle fought in Spain, as was afterward the case on the banks of this same stream No river, secrating at least in the civil wars of Pompey and Cesar.

The mules except two, which drew it on board this done, the remainder of the team were fastened to the boat by a long line, and made to draw it far up the stream, were detached from it, ; when we struck across, and, by the assistance of two ponderous oars, were enabled to gain the opposite beach, and the kingdom of Valencia. We were ferry. In the short distance of a ; I few leagues, and without any sensible change of climate, the long pantaloon of the Catalan, extending from his shoulders exchanged for loose breeches of linen, which tie over the hips with a drawing-string, to the ground, is called bragas, and which, like the Highland kilt, terminate above the knee.

Instead of the velvet jacket and silver buttons of the Cata- on Valencian wears a long woollen robe, called manta, with this hangs edged fringe, and checkered like a plaid over one shoulder on and when occasions, carelessly ordinary lan, the ; the air sharp he wraps it If he has a closely about him.

Nor was there a less striking difference in the figure and faces of these natives of two neighbouring provinces of the same kingdom, than I had noticed in their dress. The stature of the Valencians seemed less than that of the Catalans, and their faces, instead of indicating a northern origin, were of an Asiatic cast. Indeed, as I looked upon their red and well-turned limbs and sunburnt faces, unshaded save by the straight black hair that hung about them, I was strongly reminded of the red inhabitants of our forests.

When the sun was down I 67 wandered back to the posa- da, and found a group of three of these oddly-attired Valencians sitting before the entrance to the courtyard, with their naked legs crossed before them, and busily engaged with a pack of dirty cards, which they dealt upon the manta of one of them spread out in the midst.

They had been thus engaged when I went when the diligence arrived, were still at it and now, at the end of an hour, forth to walk, the gambling continued with undiminished ardour. Lean- ing against the wall, occupied in overlooking the fate of the game, was a tall and graceful stripling, in the first bloom of opening manhood, whose half-listless indifference trasted singularly with the interested con- and excited energy of the gamblers, which gave a still more ferocious expression to countenances in themselves sinister and forbidding.

The simple innocence of the youth was brought more strikingly into relief by the comparison, and the repose of his attitude and the beauty of his person, which even the garb of Catalonia did not disfigure, formed altogether, in con- nexion with the ill-favoured figures below him, a group which a painter would have been pleased to sketch, and circumstances tended to impress indelibly on my memory.

This young Catalan was the postillion who was to conduct us the first stage from Amposta on the follow- which after His dress evinced more than usual care, and neck from his depended the rosary which a maternal hand had placed to guard from the evil which was too soon Within the court our mayoral had been to overtake him. As I summons came ruffianly gamblers continued their on with that sup- tiirned to depart, I noticed that the game, and Pepe gazed listless indifference.

I found our table spread in a very large room, which was strewed with boxes and straw panniers, while in one cor- ner was a heap of algarroba beans, which are gathered from a large overgrown tree, very common in this part of In the midst the country, and used as fodder for mules. My companions were already seat- ed upon long wooden benches, and silently employed with the soup.

This was succeeded by the puchero or olla, a dish of universal use in Spain, which takes its name from the earthen jug or iron pot in which it is prepared.

It consists of an odd mixture of beef, chicken, a species of pulse called garbanzo, a kind of chick-pea, in great favour among the Spaniards, and of a great variety of vegetables, the whole being seasoned plentifully with garlic, and a small piece of salt pork or bacon. Such was the nature of our repast ; and a hungry man could scarcely have complained of it. But the manner in which it was eaten, or rather devoured, was by no means so free from objection.

I thought that I had never was before seen people behave so ill at table unless it had been on board of a steamboat on our Hudson, where an elegance of decoration unknown in other countries, and ; more the harmony of surrounding nature, would necessarily soften the manners and promote refinement, were still they not counteracted by the spirit of despatch, which all seem to catch sympathetically from revolving wheels and dashing paddles.

When these uncouth Catalans were pretty well gorged, they gradually became less exclusive, and would occasionally offer to others the dish of taken, and, growing more which they had already pargrew less hungry, polite as they would even sometimes help others before serving themselves.

This politeness was more especially extended to and when the dessert came, each one ; near her, after paring an apple, would first offer her a portion of it on the end of his knife. This she alour fair who Valenciana sat accepted, and ate either the whole or part of it, as if usage rendered it obligatory, which I afterward found to be Thus, congenial to the old and popular usages of the land.

It is companied with gallant speeches, which, instead of being received amiss by the lively girl, either excited a laugh or a repartee. After being accustomed to the retiring modesty of young girls in France, I was much startled at this freedom of manners in our Valenciana, and still more so at the indifference of her father and mother, who, so long as they saw that she was in sight and sitting between them, seemed few hardy words.

Supper being over, and paper cigars lighted by most of the company, the landlady went round the table to collect to care little for a her dues, followed by a modern Maritornes, with hand The deoutstretched to receive the expected gratuity. The Catalans exclaimed against the charge, pronounced it outrageous, and swore that at least ten reals must be for the " ruido de casa," or noise of the house, which any Spanish posada.

This over, we were shown to our ; sleeping- place, which was next to the eating-room, and which had a small double door fastened with a swinging bar, as in our stables. It had likewise a single window with an iron which looked upon the courtyard, and, instead of a sash, was furnished with a door.

Towards two the next morning, a knocking at the court- yard gate announced the arrival of the courier from Tortosa, for whom we were waiting to recommence our journey. This noise was succeeded by the voices of the hostlers, and jingling of and attached bells, as the mules were brought out and very soon after, all further idea of sleep was banished by the mayoral, with a lamp in his hand, putting his head and red cap inside of the door, to the diligence ; and shouting long and loudly, " Arriba arriba seniores ya vamos Up up and away, sirs!

The mayoral called Pepito, relinquished the reins to the lad, whom he is a diminutive of Pepe or Jose, and is which This Pepito was even more lively expressive of affection. Poor fellow circumstances the better from the fate which after- ward befell him. Peof his own gayety, and ceasing to enpito, too, had wearied with mules the whip and voice, allowed them to courage trot onward in the middle of the road at their own gait. Beside me, on the right, was a young man whom I had known to be a candidate for the priesthood, by a narrow stock of black silk with violet stripes, which he wore about his neck, in addition to the common garb of the student.

Though we were alone together in for the cabriolet, we had leaving Tarragona corner, either ; scarce exchanged a dozen words since and now he too was motionless in his wrapped in pious abstraction from the cares of this world, or buried in the sleep.

Thus powerfully more mundane invited forgetfulness of the by example of those who were near me, I caught the drowsy infection, and having nestled snugly into my corner, soon lost entirely the realities of existence in that mysterious state which Providence has provided as a cure for every ill.

As the thoughts of a man when alone in a distant land, without any outward objects to attract his attention, are apt to do, mine, before home from which I I fell asleep, had wandered back to a had been some time absent, and which, in contradiction to every other law of attraction, is found to draw us more powerfully the further we ever recede.

These waking dreams, and for, if it I 73 reflections passed insensibly into sleeping soon realized what before I had only hoped ; men easily believe whatever they anxhow much more is this the case when sleep be true that iously desire, Thus I was suddenly has taken the place of sensibility. I was now loath to relinquish so pleasing a dream, fancied myself arrived at the end of my journey. There were voices without, speaking in accents of violence, and whose idiom, was not of my country.

I now roused myself, rubbed my eyes, and directed them out of the windows. Ori ihe other fiercely side, the scene was some what different; Pepe being awake the interruption took place, was at once sensible of nature ; he had abandoned the reins, and jumped hoiu when its his seat to the road-side, intending to escape among the trees. Unhappy youth, that he should not have accom- He was met by the muzzle of a musplished his purpose ket when he had scarce touched the ground, and a third ruffian appearing at the same moment from the treacherous!

I could now distinctly hear one of these robbers such they were the for inquire in Spanish of the mayoral as to number of passengers if any were armed whether was any money in the diligence and then, as a con; ; there ; clusion to the interrogatory, demanding, " La bolsa!

The poor fellow meekly obeyed ; he raised himself high enough to draw a large leathern purse from an inner pocket, and, stretching his hand upward to deliver it, he said, " Toma listed caballero r pera no me quita usted la vida! Take it, cavalier, but spare my life! The unhappy man sent forth the most " misericordia" and " piedad ;" invoking piteous cries for :t of Jesu the interposition Christo, Santiago Apostol y Martir, La Virgin del Pilar," and all those sacred names, held by the people, and most likely to arrest All in vain ; he might as well the rage of his assassin.

The and him, had first excited, blows at length supplications which blows tmtil, quelled ; they had gradually increased with the suffering to the roost terrible shrieks, then declined into low and in- moans, until a deep-drawn and agonized gasp for an occasional convulsion, alone remained.

I even fancied that I could detect in the one whom I had first me seen something that reminded of the gamblers of the in the of the posada, and who, courtyard previous evening while I had fancied them deeply engaged with perhaps, their cards, were only eying the numbers and arrange- ment of our When party.

The first went round to the left side of the diligence, and having shoe and placed it unhooked the iron under the wheel as an additional secu- rity against escape, opened the door of the interior, and could hear him distinctly utter a terrible threat in Spanish, and demand an ounce of gold mounted on the steps, I from each of the passengers.

This was answered by an expostulation from the Valencian shopkeeper, who said that they had not so much money, but what they had would be given willingly. Having remained a moment at the door of the interior, he did not come to the cabriolet, but passed at once to the rotunda. Here he used greater caution of the tion, doubtless Amposta, that from having seen the evening before, at contained no women, but six young stu- it who were all stout fellows. They were made to come down, one by one, from their stronghold, deliver their money and watches, and then lie flat upon their faces dents, in the road.

Meanwhile, the second robber, after consulting with his companion, had returned to the spot where the zagal Pepe As he went towards him he lay rolling from side to side. The young priest, my companion, shrunk back into the corner, and hid his face within his trembling fingers ; but my own eyes seemed spellbound, for tacle, the and could not withdraw them from the cruel specmy ears were more sensible than ever.

Though I windows at the front and sides were still closed, I could distinctly hear each stroke of the murderous knife, as it entered its victim it was not a blunt sound, as of a weap; on that meets with positive resistance, but a hissing noise, as if the household implement, made to part the bread of peace, performed unwillingly moment was the time that if any task of treachery.

This my life ; and it struck me at its the unhappiest of situation could be more worthy of pity than to die the dog's death of poor Pepe, it was to be compelled to witness his fate without the power to aid him. Having completed the deed to his satisfaction, this coldblooded murderer came to the door of the cabriolet, and endeavoured assist to open him ; but it it ; he shook it violently, calling to us to had chanced hitherto that we had always A TEAR IN SPAIN.

On the first arrival of these unwelcome visiters, 1 had taken a valuable watch which wore from I snugly in my boot heads of our guides, it ; but my waistcoat when they pocket, and stowed to beating in the fell I bethought me that the few dollars I purse might not satisfy them, and replaced it again, in readiness to be delivered at the shortest notice. In consequence of the darkness, which was only partially ment they had all dispelled in front of the diligence by the lantern which had enabled me to see what occurred so immediately before me, we were not at once sensible of the departure of the robbers, but continued near half an hour after their disappearance in the same situation in which they left us.

The short breathing and chattering of teeth, lately so audible from within the interior, gradually subsided, and were suc- ceeded by whispers of the females, and soon after by words pronounced in a louder tone ; while our mangled guides, by groans and writhing, gave evidence of returning animation.

My companion and I slowly let down the windows beside us, and, having looked round a while, we opened the door and descended. In the rear of the coach was a black heap on the ground, which I presently recognised as the six students who had occupied the rotunda, and who, lying flat upon their faces, made the oddest figure one can conceive, up in their black cloaks, with their cocked hats of the same solemn colour, emerging at intervals from out the heap.

As we came cautiously towards them, they whisrolled pered among each other, and then first one lifted his head to look at us, and then another, until, finding that we were their fellow-travellers, they all rose at once like a cloud, notwith- standing the threat which the robbers had made to them at their departure, to wait by the road-side, and shoot down the first person who should offer to stir.

It will readily occur and bloody deed could have been made at all, it might have been by these six young men, who, being together and acquainted with each other, might easily have acted in concert, whereas the to the reader, that if resistance to this bold were as completely separated as though they had been in distinct vehicles. But if it be considered rest of the party had been awakened suddenly by armed ruffians, were destitute of weapons, and knew not the number of their assailants, it will appear more natural that they should have acted precisely as they did.

We found them rolling over in the dust and moaning inarticulately, excepting that the conductor would occasionally forth some of those sainted names, whose aid he murmur in the moment of tribulation. Having down the light from the top of the coach, we found them so much disfigured with bruises and with blood, that The finery of recognition would have been impossible.

While thus engaged, we heard the noise of footsteps in the direction of Amposta, and shortly after a man came up with a musket in his hand, and inquired the cause of our interruption.

power of associations of the past than the Ebro, it presents itself at Amposta for it is a such as; sandy, and uncultivated country ; with naught but a desert on the left bank, and ou the right the poverty-stricken town of Amposta, with tottering battlements skirting the course of the stream, and a few turbid stream, flowing through a flat.

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