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Modell Doo - Modell Doo

26.01.2020 Gujin 7 Comments

The 3D is introduced in This is a love it or hate it model. It was a unique model in that it had five riding modes: kart, knee, stand-up, stand-up fixed handle and motorcycle.

These five modes were configured by transforming the handlebar to unfold a motorcycle seat or add the riding accessories to the handle pole or pad area. The 3D came in two models, the base and premium. The premium came equipped with the RFI engine and the motorcycle seat. The kart, stand-up fixed handle pole and knee modes required purchasing these accessories. The base model did not come with a motorcycle seat as standard, but it was available as an accessory purchase.

Also, the base model did not have a fuel gauge, just a low fuel warning light. The hull now used in the GTI series is a composite material as opposed to fiberglass. Up until now all SeaDoos utilized fiberglass in the hull design. This is a significant manufacturing and design process change for BRP. It was the same cc platform and design as the naturally aspirated hp power plant, just tuned to horsepower.

The GTI did not. Under the hood, the electronic control system and ECU start to change. This means to replace the gauge requires a trip to the dealer to marry the two.

Without the gauge being married to the ECU the Doo will not start. Read more about Gauge Clusters here. In , there were little obvious changes to the lineup. The result of these changes is a more comfortable riding position. The GTX Supercharged is dropped from the line in There were some important changes under the hood for all the 4-TEC models.

Now there is simply an ECU and an electrical wiring and fuse panel. In , SeaDoo launches six new model variations while maintain all the models from They are both powered by a hp 4-TEC engine.

SeaDoo added an upgraded supercharger that produces more boost, a better performing external intercooler and some ECU and fuel management changes to deliver an additional 40hp above the prior hp high water mark. The most obvious visible change is the X-racing handlebars which have a skeleton metal frame and no wrap around steering pad. The RXT-X also includes trim. The trim feature on a three passenger really improves the overall riding characteristics.

This is the first year trim is available in a three passenger. The performance of the —X skis is incredible. The acceleration of the —X models make it a challenge to hold on during a hard take off. Some of the most fun you will ever have in only 2. Fun does come with a price in this case. The 3D is eliminated from the lineup, making the last year for the 2-Stroke engine.

All models now use the Rotax cc 4-TEC engine. In addition, all the GTI models are now the new composite hull design. A new hp version of the WAKE is also introduced. Both WAKE models now come with a removable ballast system that allows the addition of lbs of water be brought on board for wake generation. Under the cover, SeaDoo redesigns the supercharger to eliminate the ceramic clutch washers in favor of metal clutch washer.

This finally resolves the shattering ceramic clutch issue from However, the clutches still require maintenance and need to be replaced and checked at end of their service life. Depending on riding style, every hours the washers should be inspected.

Both incorporate the hp power plant introduced on the X SeaDoos. Additionally, SeaDoo completely changed the ECU with the iS and also significantly increased the complexity of the subsystems in the ski. BRP calls this new control system iControl. The iS are extremely expensive to repair due to the two part top cap and highly expensive new electronics. While normally extended warranties are questionable, on the iS models it may make a lot of sense.

Transport and preparation not included. View Model. RXP-X RXT-X Your browser [browserInfos] is out of date. It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. Learn how to update your browser.

Since this is the first time we see those, they also have quite a few bugs that get worked out in the later silver engines. The GTS is the base model 3 seater still featuring the old style hull and is basically the same ski as GTI with no infocenter.

The GTI for this year gets the new style hull like the GTX but has the smaller engine and no infocenter, just gauges. The GTX for is almost exactly the same ski as the even down to the colors. It's worth mentioning this year marks the beginning of the use of the new style ignition module. Instead of components being in a waterproof grey box, most everything plugs into and goes through the MPEM mounted on a plate usually in the front of the ski.

Although the design works well, from now on it's going to cost quite a bit more for a new MPEM. Due to new stricter environmental rules, the push from now on will be towards more fuel efficient, less polluting PWCs. The SP single carb is in the lineup for the last year. The XP keeps the same hull design as the but also now adds Limited to the name and comes with the dual carb.

The GTX comes for the first time with a RFI engine which offers the same power as the carb model, but improved fuel economy and better emissions. The GTX as well as the GSX now have Limited added to their names and come with the new hp carbureted engine and that really gives them some life. The white engine is gone and replaced with a better design silver one as well. Since late is the first year for the engine, on the first models they do have some problems with water ingestion as well as some pump issues, but most should have been repaired and updated under warranty.

This will be the last year you'll see that hull design offered. As said previously, my guess the lack of new models in was so they could hit us with all these cool skis for the new millennium! Sea Doo drops the Limited designation on the skis this year too.

Now for the new. This year Sea Doo comes out with the DI engine which offers the same power as the carb model, but improved fuel economy and better emissions. It may use a different hull than the GTI as well but not sure on that one. We also see the GTI in the lineup again. There is one big change for though in the form of two color options for almost every model. We do also see a limited production race machine designated RXX which I've read is the fastest stock production 2 stroke ever made.

This is the last year though for the LRV due to poor sales I would imagine. This is also the last year for the RX model.

What a replacement! It's worth mentioning that the majority of the models haven't changed and even have the same color scheme as which I would guess was probably since Sea Doo put most of their resources into developing the RXP. Also, as mentioned this is the first year for the RXP and it turns out to be arguably the most popular Sea Doo in years. Maintenance note The ceramic clutch discs are great at dissipating heat but they break easy.

The pieces get into the oil system and it's quite a job and expense to clean them out. Learn more about the and prior Ski-Doo Lineup, along with their specifications and compatible accessories! Your browser Internet Explorer is out of date. It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. Learn how to update your browse. Details siehe weiter unten. Termin bitte vormerken! Reservierungen gerne auch unter "what?

Die beiden Live-Fotos oben: shot by Sigrid Klimt. Latest Album: Orbit Utopia 12 new tracks on g double vinyl incl. Radio is on!

Sea-Doo Parts by model. Sea Doo Parts by Model Year. RXT-X/GTX () Electronics, Fuel & Tuning.

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    Redesigned for how you ride, the newest Sea-Doo models, now including the GTI, GTR and WAKE models, feature more usable space, superior stability, easy-access storage, and a sound system that sings. Stretch your legs, head into rougher waters, bring more snacks, and play louder tracks – this is your Sea-Doo life, after all.
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    Modell Doo: Frame Electric. Music for Movies, (ModellMusik ) Listen! g vinyl edition, limited to copies, numbered and handpainted. Look! Album released in November Remastered original soundtracks for three films: Vampyros Sexos aka I Was a Teenage Zabbadoing.
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    Ski-Doo Snowmobile - Browse a list of the available models. Choose your Ski-Doo snowmobile to get the suggested retail or trade-in value.
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    Sea Doo Model Reference () This page hopefully describes in detail from beginning to now all Sea Doo models, their benefits, features, and any positive and negative about each model.
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