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Life is a self-destruction. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth living

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It becomes a primary goal in their social lives, and success, as measured in the reactions of their peers, is practically an affirmation of their worth as a female. As always, whenever there is a goal like this, there is always someone who overdoes it.

The kawaiiko literally "cute child" , or burikko "fake child" or "pretend ing child" , is the case in point. She takes being kawaii to an almost unhealthy extreme by making it the sole focus of her life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see The Love Witch.

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Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Dreamland Japan 2nd ed. Berkeley, California: Stone Bridge Press. Comic Book Awards Almanac. Archived from the original on Retrieved Retrieved October 27, Monday 4 November Tuesday 5 November Wednesday 6 November Thursday 7 November Friday 8 November Saturday 9 November Sunday 10 November Monday 11 November Tuesday 12 November Wednesday 13 November Thursday 14 November Friday 15 November Saturday 16 November Sunday 17 November Monday 18 November Tuesday 19 November Wednesday 20 November Thursday 21 November Friday 22 November Saturday 23 November Sunday 24 November Monday 25 November Tuesday 26 November Wednesday 27 November Thursday 28 November Friday 29 November Saturday 30 November Sunday 1 December Monday 2 December Tuesday 3 December Wednesday 4 December Thursday 5 December Friday 6 December Saturday 7 December Sunday 8 December Monday 9 December I would first like to say I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that you have been pushed down so many times that you feel like you just can't get up one more time. I'm sorry that you are even in a position of feeling like your life isn't worth living. Please continue to read this and take in every single word. You are worthy, you are loved, and you can do this. I won't pretend to know what you're feeling, but I have seen firsthand the sadness of someone who is struggling to know their worth, and trust me, you are worthy and your life is worth living.

Never forget that. Many people are good writers, they just don't realize it. I am happy that I was able to provide the cannon balls and gunpowder for your creative cannon! If you ever feel you need writing help and don't have anyone to turn to, let me know. I would be happy to help you in any way I can. Thank you very much and I will most certainly create more!

Thank you sir, you have helped make my day. I didn't know there was anyone else out there that knew of that song! Funny story, the only reason I know of this song is because my mother used to play it all of the time, along with "Sitting on the Front Porch Swing," and "I don't Wanna Play House. Even though I am not a huge fan of country, the messages in those songs are so strong they kind of grabbed me and wouldn't let me go.

Thank you so much for reading the story! I am very honored. Remember, it takes a real man to cry! Thank you I am happy you enjoyed the story! I'm not sure if the other story I did "Letters to the Princess" is a traditional shipping story either. I try to do a normal shipping story, but something will happen and it will turn out different. I wanted to do a story about problems that some couples face in their relationships, and overcoming these problems.

To me, this makes the love between two people grow stronger, and I love stories like that. I am really happy you liked the ending, I was hoping that came out okay! Your argument is very valid. While I was writing this, I kind of pictured AJ and RD hammering at each other with their points, just doing it in a different way each time.

However, I did agonize over the point you brought up, and tried to fix it as well as I could. Although, RD did bring up that flying was a huge part of who she was, and I tried to use that to show the sacrifice she had to make if she wanted to stay with her family. Thank you so much for your feedback! Critiques like that really help me take a deeper look at what I do, and do better the next time. I am very happy you liked the story, thank you so much!

A very awesome shipfic. It is definantly the most relatable shipfic I have ever read. Many familys have to go through his issue everyday, you just pray it doesn't happen to yours. The way you portray their side of the arguement matchs almost spoton with the show. On the other hand RD in her mind thinks that being on thw wonderbolts, her dream, is the best thing so she lets her pride get the best of her. I really liked this story and ill give it a 5 star..

Seriously, I would love some more stories and gonna check out the rest of the stories that you wrote. It was so emotional that it made me tear up at the end nice job :. I buy their anger at eachother for the reasons presented, but their argument seems really expositionary. I think at that stage in a divorce, people would tend to be much more isolated and cagey. It got me thinking 'if they are so willing to share their feelings, how did they get to this stage in the first place'.

So many writers just get caught up in the sense of the dramatic and symbolic, and don't stop to think if real people would act the same as the characters in their story. You may keep them. Very nicely written. A little Emotional for those of us who have been in little Red-Dawn's position, especially those of us whose parents didn't reconnect, but if it's emotional for a reader, that means you have done a good job.

The Henshin Power can also be used to teleport through dimensions or reverse enemy-magic. In the manga, the transformation is instant. All Usagi has to do is to cross her arms and say the phrase, and the next moment, she has transformed into Sailor Moon.

Moon Crystal Power, Make Up: The second command that Usagi Tsukino uses to transform into Sailor Moon in the manga series, first anime series, and the second anime series.

It debuted in episode 91 of the anime and Act 27 of the manga. It debuted in episode of the original anime and Act 39 of the manga. The Tiara transmutes what it touches into moon dust. In the "New Cover" manga reprints of , the attack Moon Frisbee was renamed Moon Tiara Boomerang to match its name in the live-action series; as the Kodansha manga used the reprint as its basis it also used this name.

The attack can destroy dimensions and can hit on the astral plane, hurting ghosts. Sailor Moon Kick: Sailor Moon kicks her opponent to injure them. The kick was able to hurt Youma that was not even affected by the Supersonic Waves. Moon Twilight Flash: Sailor Moon uses her tiara to reflect a beam of the mystic light of the moon at her enemy.

This attack hits intangible beings and burns them away, even able to destroy Nephrite's Shadow when Mars' Ofuda could not. Banishing: An ability from the Silver Crystal, this power is able to seal people and banish them from existence. Queen Serenity was supposed to use it to completely seal Queen Metalia but failed.

Luna asked Sailor Moon to use it against Queen Metalia again because she is the new possessor of the Silver Crystal and therefore, able to use it.

Moon Healing Escalation: Sailor Moon uses the Silver Crystal via the Moon Stick to release positive energy capable of bringing people from the grave, restoring power to an entire city, curing people of brainwashing.

Pre-Serenity she could use the ability on a City-Scale however Post-Serenity her range expanded into healing entire worlds. During her battle with Queen Metalia , Sailor Moon resurrected the ancient Moon Kingdom merely as a side-effect of the positive energy she was using. This light can penetrate though space-time and magical barriers, able to hit and affect Planet Nemesis despite the negative energy barrier nullifying energy and the intense space-time warping of the planet.

The attack also hits on the spiritual plane as it was able to destroy the evil spirit, Death Phantom himself. This attack can attack on the mental plane, directly attacking illusions and has enough power to rival the Taioran Crystal. The Blast of two Moon Princess Halation was powerful enough to completely obliterate a planet large enough to envelop the entire Solar System, along with the Cutie Moon Rods in the process. The first time she transformed into Super Sailor Moon, she emanated at least 10, more energy then the Moon Spiral Heart Attack and scared Pharaoh In this form, Usagi taps directly into the power of the Silver Crystal, one of the strongest forces of the Universe.

Lambda Usagi: In the Battle with Chaos , Usagi accepted the Cosmos in its entirety, vowing her eternal love and embrace of the cosmos even if everything she knows is destroyed. Through her acceptance of the entire cosmos, she absorbed the power of all the Sailor Crystals working in unison and gained the ability to manipulate the Lambda Power itself.

When she first attained this state she restored and remade the entirety of the static cosmos all of existence regarded as one unit and destroyed Chaos Nonexistence itself merely by accident. In this state, Usagi can use the powers of all Sailor Senshi except Sailor Chaos, and can use the Lambda Power to regenerate from nothingness itself as she melted down into nothing but lambda essence within the Galaxy Cauldron but regenerated and can use the most powerful technique in the entire series.

Upon achieving this point, she had transcended past the Silver Crystal and the title of Sailor Moon, temporarily no longer being a Sailor Senshi. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Communicator Silver Crystal.

Same Youma was unaffected by her Ultrasonic Waves.

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    Privilage is not a insult or a burden, it's a super power. Please utilize it for good, and not to be a abhorrent whiny idiot. I swear on all things that are good that along with supporting others, this will improve your quality of life as well. Yes, I preach love, and I practice it too. But I am pissed, sick & tired of people hurting each other.
  2. Mizshura says:
    Follow/Fav Our new life! By: Enkelisisar. Eternal Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen were just way too worried about each other to take care of anything or anyone else. "Eternal Sailor Moon, how can you be so stupid? You almost got all of us killed, clumsy princess crybaby!" Sailor Mars yelled angrily to .
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    Shingo was amazed and shocked about his sisters secret life. He quessed right the fact that Usagi's friends were the Sailor Scouts. But when Shingo learned that Usagi had died at least three times or more, was the most shocking part of all the story. He almost fainted when heard that.
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    I am not a big fan of sick, twisted stuff either. I have never read cupcakes and I don't think I want to, from what I've heard about it. Thank you for reading! I wish you luck on your quest Frizzy, being a musician is very hard work. But it is worth it if you can make it.
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    Explore releases from DJ Sailor Moon at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from DJ Sailor Moon at the Discogs Marketplace. DJ Sailor Moon: Life Is Not Worth Living Igor Loktionov / DJ idk / DJ Sailor Moon: Igor Loktionov / DJ idk / DJ Sailor Moon - Azusa Is A Whore (Album).

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