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I Brush My Teeth - Jackie Weissman - Miss Jackie Says: Hello Rhythm

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First we'd need to make the good bye rounds. Say farewell to all our new found friends in Contramaestra. I began to roll over the new names and faces in my mind as Willy and I pack up the baby blue 56 Chevy on the street out front of the Roach Motel. Glad to be done with all that, or so I thought. Obviously no razor.

His thread bare suit has seen better days. Sunken cheeks. Yellowed and missing teeth. A survivor. He raises a keen eyebrow, slyly leans over to me and says, "I can tell you are a veeerrry reeeeech man! How can you tell that I'm rich? You know how hard it can be. The way things are going. They're going to crucify me.

Keeping his balance. Lightly touching it with his tongue. Could you see your school board director getting down like that in Canada? Rendezvous with Popo.

I wince at the thought of leaving our Contamaestra amigos y amigas trapped in their desperate hell. And yet, and yet, I'll bet they are still dancing and singing there today against all odds! We stop for a stretch in the open plains.

Everybody has diarrhea except me. Big bars! A lone condor circles lazily overhead as I walk out into the parched wind swept grass. The soil beneath my feet seems to give a hot heavy sigh; caught in an endless cycle of poverty and despair. Cuba; holding on like there's no tomorrow! We didn't get very far on our road rip into the interior of the island this trip.

Maybe it's more than I could take. We are but on the cusp of the disease and hunger awaiting further inland during the current Special Period. As unimaginable as the embargo. I sigh. When my time and money runs out, I get to leave. Catch a flight back to our own little hellish First World malaise. I know, our neo con reality can really suck. But it's all very relative. My Cuban amigos y amigas will always be in the back of my mind. It's an especially heavy cross they must bear.

Nothing they can do about it. I'll keep going back to try to help out. A big chunk of my heart will always be in Cuba. Davido PS: "Cuba and the Night" will continue No comments:.

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Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!? A careful analytical study! I Have No Arms! Please scratch my back. I can't find my underwear!. Have you seen them! I can fly! I can crawl thru walls! I have a headache!

And a broken nose. I have a square hole in my bum! Here try this, it's very good! Blue: Barks Shovel: Pail!

Neighbors: We Want The Show! Purple Kangaroo: Hurry Up, Steve! Children: Periwinkle! Linny: Of Course! Sidetable: Yeah! Kai-Lan: Super Idea! Steve: That's A Great Idea! Periwinkle: Me? Tickety: Yeah! Slippery: Come On! Big Bird: Yeah! Brobee: Let's Go! Periwinkle: Periwinkle Appearo! Periwinkle: Hold On to Your Seats! Slippery: I'm Ready! Steve: Pail? Pail: Ready! Mailbox: Ready, Steve! Steve: Tickety? Sidetable: Ready! Dora: Listo! Oswald: Ready, Steve! Big Bird: We're Ready, Steve! Elmo: Yeah!

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Big Bird: Okay, Slippery! Barney: Are You Ready? Bear: You're On Next! Audience: Gasping Pail: Oh No! Dora: Slippery Slipped! Oswald: What Should We Do? Elmo: Great Job, Slippery!

Steve: Okay, Mailbox! Squeak Mailbox: Whoa! Audience: Cheering Mailbox: Oof! Wubbzy: You're So Funny, Mailbox! Daizy: Just Go On!

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Gabi: Singing And Oscar Says Oscar: Scram! Elmo: Like That! Barney: Singing You're Important! Tutter: Singing Hello! Ursa: Singing Things to Do! Pip and Pop: Fun for You! Pip and Pop: Here's Where! Ursa: Just for You!

Tutter: All is New! Flutter: Singing Kitchen's Here! Christine and Jacques: Bathroom's There! Ojo: Pillows Full of Fluff Here! Treelo: Woopy-Doo! Ojo: Just for You! Tutter: Come On In! Bear: Now You're Here! Audience: Cheering Steve: Great Job! Dora: Who's Next? Oswald: Yeah! Big Bird: You're Right! Tyrone: Of Course!

Barney: It's Our Turn! Linny: Good Luck! Child: Hey-Hey! Big Bird: Oh! Steve: You Repeat After Us! Big Bird: Let's Go! Barney and Bear: Singing Sing Sidetable: Singing I Can Be! Mailbox: Singing She Can Be! Luna: Hello, Bear! Bear: Hello, Luna! Steve: Hi There, Luna! Luna: Hello, Everyone! Barney: Yeah! Luna: Oh! It felt like a home again, somewhere to come at the end of the day and put your feet up. Finn straightened the gift basket on the coffee table, admiring his handiwork.

Red roses with silver curling branches were placed in a vase next to the basket. He sighed, grabbing his parka and slipped it on, making sure his keys and cell phone were on him before he left. He took one last look at the cottage, before opening the door and heading out into the light breeze.

A sleek black Range Rover was parked next to Finn's red Jeep 4x4. A strawberry blonde woman got out of the drivers seat. A stunning white wool coat covered her body and matching pristine white leather gloves covered her hands.

She smiled at Finn, who lifted a hand in greetings, and walked to meet her. The woman grinned. Finn shook the hand offered and chuckled, a calm settling over his nerves.

Forgive me, it's been a long day," He laughed. Are you all packed up then? The cottage had taken up all his weekends and spare evenings for the past few months, and it was hard to let go. I am positive the new owners will cherish this place as much as you have. Besides, great things are ahead, you have many blessings to look forward to.

Let's get this over with shall we? Viola laid the key ring on the hood of her car and pulled a few papers from inside of her jacket, along with a pen, "Just two signatures and everything will be finalized.

The snow made his boots squeak as he twisted his toes into the ground out of nervousness. Once it was done, a strange serenity washed over him, freedom from his past on the horizon. Thanks for all your help, even if it was last minute," He nodded and gave her a quick wave.

She waved back and Finn got into his Jeep. He put in into reverse and backed around, to face the long wooded drive. A tear fell from his eye as he drove away from the last thing that connected him to his old life. This year the ceiling had been strung up with pink, red, and white streamers.

Victorian Valentine's with hearts and cupids were spaced out on glittering strings, twisting under the air flow above the diners. A line wound around the front, all waiting to have a go at the long glass case full of fresh baked treats. It took four high school girls to man the counter, bustling out pink boxes like they were going out of style. Remy sat back in his regular booth, sipping some fancy new fluff coffee that Jackie insisted he test out.

Apparently it was all the rage in the city, but he was just a black with sugar kind of guy, or Chai of course. He had to admit, he did sort of like the foam stuff on top, other than that though, the stuff was just too fancy. Remy crossed his leg over his knee, watching the door and all the people milling in and out.

The bell kept chiming, the small noise keeping Remy on the lookout, tense and about out of his mind in anticipation. He glanced over at the people in the two tables in front of him. He smiled and nodded to them.

Two women squealed and wiggled their brows at him. Remy rolled his eyes, chuckling, and set down his city coffee. History wants us to believe that the sexual revolution of the s started towards the end of the decade, but that wasn't entirely true, at least not in our nation's capital.

I myself was a virgin, having had but a few dates with boys, and only kissing one of them briefly. I was curious, of course, being normal, and I had "touched myself" a couple of times, but, I didn't even know what an orgasm was, let alone had one.

All that was to change. Several weeks passed and one night after dinner and a shower I told my roommate Jill that I was going to the library for a couple of hours. She had a friend over, a British gal with an unusual name, Dusty, and they were singing songs.

Dusty, I was told, was an aspiring singer. After catching the bus, I was halfway to the library when I realized that I had forgotten one book. I didn't want to pay a fine, so I got off the bus and started walking back to the apartment. Took almost forty minutes, and, as I entered the apartment, I didn't see Jill and Dusty and thought perhaps they had left.

Then I heard some noises coming from a back bedroom. I walked back towards my bedroom, and passed by Jill's, the door not quite closed all the way. I peeked. To say I received the shock of my life would still be an understatement. There, on the bed and naked, was my roommate Jill and her friend Dusty! I gasped aloud but the radio was on next to the bed so my rapid intake of air went unheard. Jill was laying on her back, one hand around Dusty's back, and Dusty, Dusty was kissing Jill's left breast!

Her nipple! She was kissing it, and licking and even sucking on it, much like a baby would. But most shocking of all was her hand, which was down between Jill's legs. Her fingers were lightly pulling at the brown hair that surrounded her vagina, and then touching her there, rubbing, and oh heavens, she then put a finger inside of Jill's vagina! As I watched this Sapphic spectacle, I felt some strangle feeling in my own breasts and down between my legs.

I could actually feel my own nipples starting to harden. Good grief! I told myself that the apartment must just be cold, and then gasped again as Dusty had now moved her head down between Jill's legs. No, she couldn't be! But it was true! She was licking at Jill's vagina! I felt a little faint, and set my purse and two books down, slumping a bit against the wall. My brain told me to get out of there, to leave right now, but for some reason I couldn't. I had to look again. Jill's head was moving now, side to side, and with one hand she was pinching her own nipple, while the other hand was entwined in Dusty's hair, almost as if she was trying to force her face against her private parts more firmly.

Then I could hear Jill moaning as it looked like Dusty wasn't licking her any longer, but instead was kissing her at the top of her vagina.

Or maybe she was providing some suction there, I couldn't tell. But I could tell that Jill was really, really enjoying herself.

It was then I realized that I was trying to rub myself between my legs with my right hand, while my left hand was squeezing at one of my nipples that was pressing through my blouse. I quickly removed the hand from between my legs, but not the other, and looked again.

I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmming I'll give Dusty credit, she had her arms wrapped around Jill's legs and was holding on tight for the ride. I guess maybe she liked the taste, which seemed strangely odd to me at the time.

As Jill quieted down, Dusty moved up on the bed and straddled Jill's head. That put Jill's head right between Dusty's legs, and when Dusty lowered herself, I knew what she was doing. She was putting her vagina right on top of Jill's mouth! I noticed as she was moving up the bed that she had a large growth of dark hair down there, unlike her blonde hair on her head. I couldn't see Jill's face, but she must have been doing something with her mouth or tongue because Dusty was moving her hips around and pinching both of her nipples with her fingers.

I saw that Jill had moved one hand down between her own legs and was using three fingers to rub at the top of her vagina in a circular motion. That was when I again noticed that my hand was between my legs. Looking at Jill, I threw caution to the wind and slid my hand down in-between my stomach and my skirt, under my panties, and past my soft hair until I felt my own wetness.

I moaned quietly to myself, rubbing gently. I thought I was being quiet, but Jill's voice startled me. Dusty had a smirk on her face, and I could see a wetness on Jill's face that could only be from where Dusty's vagina had leaked on her. Dusty stepped forward and put one arm around my back and took hold of my arm with her other hand and started leading me into Jill's bedroom. The next minutes went by in a blur as hands were all over me, unbuttoning my blouse, unzipping my skirt, my bra came off, my panties were pulled down, all the while I was getting kissed and fondled by both Jill and Dusty, my mind awash with lustful feelings and guilt.

With my body responding in ways that I never knew possible, what else could I do? I sucked on the nipple. Laying in my bed later, I reflected upon how my life had changed. I was a lesbian! I was both thrilled and ashamed. I thought about the Scarlet Letter, and giddily wondered if there would be a bright red "L" on my forehead in the morning. I licked my lips again and could still taste Dusty on them, opting not to brush my teeth before bed tonight.

And I learned all about an orgasm!

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