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Gridluck - Jay Critchley - Big Twig Tunnel Tapes: Bostons Big Dig Sings

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What follows is the press release from the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. He lives year round in Provincetown , Massachusetts where he founded and directs Theater in the Ground Septic Space in his backyard septic tank. It was demolished in He runs the annual Provincetown Harbor Swim for Life benefit. His personas and enterprises have challenged the dominance of corporations in a democratic society. Peter and Louis M. Future venues will later be announced. After 25 years as a graphic artist, she was finding that computers were pushing her design work to be faster and faster, and more about technology than technique.

As a result, she was especially drawn to printmaking — the slow, deliberate process of cutting wood to create a line, then gradually applying paint to board and paper to produce a print, which brought her back to the roots of the creative process. Professionally, she has been involved in a broad range of creative arts and is a conceptual artist.

She has performed and been a teacher in theatre in the US, the former Czechoslovakia and Germany, as well as being on faculty at the University of Bonn instructing in photography, drawing and painting.

Katharina served for ten years on the Kunstfond of Germay comparable to the National Endowment for the Arts. A longtime Provincetown resident, he utilizes the town, landscape, harbor, beaches and dunes as his medium. He created and directs Theater in the Ground Septic Space in his backyard septic tank, and founded the patriotic Old Glory Condom Corporation, which won a controversial three-year legal battle for its US Trademark.

Final Passage a mummified Chevy Impala was installed in an abandoned mausoleum in a Providence, RI cemetery in Tim Donovan N. Her art addresses the relationship of individuals to institutions, the collapse of nature into culture and the vast construct of material culture in relation to memory and desire.

Many of her site sculptures and installations are polyvocal. They involve image, materiality, simulation, language, sound and unique electronic texts which are thematically provocative and richly poetic. She is responsible for all artistic, administrative, fiscal and strategic directions of the largest presenter of Cape Cod art by national, regional and international artists. The obvious point of this was to ensure orderly, parliamentary-like meetings presided over by a chairperson and other officers to oversee the recording of the business conducted and the like.

But unfortunately over the years, both Congress and state legislatures have fallen prey to the obsession with political power by individual members. As a result, legislative officers have been able to amass unequal legislative power. This is not what was intended by the founders of this country. Simply put, why should one representative like DiMasi or a former senator like Bruno exercise any more power than any other lawmaker in their respective bodies?

Each of them represents the same number of constituents. Likewise, on the federal level, why should Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, have any more power than any other congressman? She and her colleagues represent the same number of constituents. No one group of an equal number of voters were to be represented by an elected representative more powerful than the other representatives. The modern trend among a majority of state legislatures has been to make their bodies more democratic and open with full membership participation and to rid themselves of autocratic rule.

But this trend has not yet appeared in states like Massachusetts and New York. In an open, democratic and full membership participation legislature, the business of repealing the Massachusetts ticket scalping law would be the responsibility of the entire House of Representatives. But an alleged quid pro quo problem reported by the Boston media over this legislation is directed only at DiMasi.

The answer is his power in the House. DiMasi has been the subject of a string of stories by the Boston media that raise questions about his office and his friends being involved in favored legislative treatment for ticket selling agencies in return for payments to his friends. DiMasi's friend, former campaign manager, and personal accountant Richard Vitale received a "consulting" fee for meeting with a ticket broker association about repealing the state ticket scalping law which resulted in a fast track approval, allegedly engineered by DiMasi, of such a repeal measure in the House.

Again the investigation is based on DiMasi's power to practically unilaterally speak for the entire House in matters such as these contracts. In Bruno's case, it is essentially the same story. He is being accused of using his past powerful legislative position to allegedly help businesses to obtain state contracts and that he received consulting fees from them.

The difference in Bruno's case is that he is alleged to have profited directly while in DiMasi's case it is his friends and associates. This has caused the federal indictment of Bruno, while only DiMasi's friend Vitale has been charged with a crime so far.

However, state and federal authorities are still investigating the matter relating to DiMasi in an effort to tie his actions to the payments received by his friends. Before the report of the resignation by DiMasi, two members of his leadership team were reportedly lobbying House members for their votes to succeed DiMasi. One is Robert A. Neither of them has shown any inclination to change the system of a powerful speaker's office. Both of them have been committed players in the Statehouse game of support me for speaker and in return you will be part of the leadership team with all the political perks that go with that status.

So don't expect any change in the system if either of them is elected speaker. The resignation of the two former speakers, Charles Flaherty and Thomas Finneran, because of improper and unlawful actions, and the now resignation of DiMasi under a cloud clearly makes the case that the office of speaker should be reformed to make it one of a presiding officer over legislative sessions with no more power than held by each lawmaker.

The fundamental blame lies both with the Founding Fathers, who created the Senate in the Constitution to blunt the political power of a democratic majority of the people, and with the early American politicians who created the two major political parties, not mentioned in that document, which has turned our governmental system into one beset by divisive party partisanship.

The Founders were frightened by the specter of rule by a democratic majority of Americans. James Madison was worried that a time would come when the mass of Americans without land or other property could seize control of the government.

According to American historian Charles A. Beard, the Founders spent several restless days of trying to figure out how to provide protection in the Constitution for the propertied class. They considered placing voting restrictions in that document, but, Beard said, they opted to do it another way to dissolve "the energy of the democratic majority" of Americans by dividing the power of government among the three branches they created.

Beard's explanation makes sense in view of the way the Senate handled Obama's stimulus package. The House of Representatives, according to Alexander Hamilton, was created to give "the poorer order of men a hearing in the government.

The House reflected the people's mood for change by quickly passing the economic stimulus measure. But the Founders anticipated the possibility of such quick and drastic action and decided to guard against it by placing a tough obstacle in the path of any such legislation by creating the Senate. The Founders expected that a safe majority of long-serving, conservative senators insulated from the direct vote of the people would work to delay, dilute or dismiss such action by the House.

Senators originally were selected by state legislatures until a constitutional amendment. And only one-third of the senators, who served terms three times longer that House members, were up for reelection at any one time.

Under such a senatorial electoral system, the people were only able to vote for one-third of such body in the last election. And this resulted in the election of only a slim majority of Democrats in the Senate, which allowed the Republicans to stall the economic stimulus bill.

Against this legislature so divided against itself, the Founders placed a president, elected by electors and not the people directly, with a veto power as a further obstacle to restrain the power of the mass of Americans. For example, by a majority of Americans were tired of President Bush's policies and the inaction of his GOP colleagues who dominated Congress. They elected a Democratic majority in the House, but they could not do the same in the Senate because only a fraction of the senators were up for reelection.

As a result, Democrats only had a one vote margin in the Senate. The House passed a measure for the removal of our troops from Iraq.

The Republicans initially were able to block this measure in the Senate, but eventually agreed to a compromise. Bush, however, exercised his veto power and killed this legislative attempt to bring the troops home which was supported by a majority of Americans. Congressional Republicans claim their opposition to Obama's stimulus measure is based on their philosophical differences with the Democrats.

But there is an equally if not more dominant reason for their opposition, namely, out-and-out political partisanship. The Founders were very concerned with such divisiveness that would be caused by political parties. They made no provision in the Constitution for parties. They feared the divisive nature of parties as well as the country dividing along party lines. Thomas Jefferson said that "if he could not go to heaven but with a party, he would not go there. After George Washington, there were no comparable individuals with his national stature to simply stand for election.

And those who sought to succeed him as president found they had to drop their philosophical opposition to political parties and form political factions, the forerunners of our parties, to garner enough electoral votes beyond their own states. These political parties engaged in bitter divisive, partisanship fights from there inception to the present.

The fears of the Founders were realized as this partisanship rancor became well-established over the years as not only an integral part of our two-party system, but as the main reason for the division of this country along party lines. The public reasons of pork, too much spending, not enough tax cuts and the like given by the Republican senators who oppose Obama's stimulus package are a political smoke screen for the main reason, namely, bare-knuckled partisanship.

One political commentator on television recently described this partisanship as one whereby the opposition party is simply intent on "blowing up" the matter under consideration. She made a plausible case that it could happen here. But when I read the book, I did not think so. And I was shocked that all it would take is a government lawyer's made-to-order legal opinion, no matter how flawed, to a president bent on exercising dictatorial powers. John Dean, a former counsel to President Nixon, recently referred to such legal opinions as "corporate lawyer opinions.

Bush and members of his administration decided to use torture, including waterboarding, which in an Orwellian euphemism they called an "enhanced" method of interrogating suspected terrorists to obtain information. They also sought a legal opinion from their Justice Department's OLC to cover themselves from criminal prosecution. The U. It specifically criminalizes "torture," defined as the intentional infliction of severe pain and suffering, physical or mental, outside of the country, by federal law and by the ratification of a U.

Convention Against Torture and the Geneva Conventions, which prohibited the torture of prisoners of war. Apart from the common sense knowledge that the drowning sensation produced by waterboarding is torture as that term is commonly understood, there is a well-established legal precedent for this meaning. Japanese interrogators who used this method on American prisoners of war were convicted as war criminals.

Alberto R. Gonzales, as a lawyer and former judge, knew or should have known that waterboarding was torture and punishable as a crime based on the common understanding of the word "torture" and the clarity of the law, treaties and legal precedent dealing with it. Yet, he, as Bush's legal counsel, requested an opinion in from the OLC regarding whether Bush's enhanced interrogation methods of al-Qaida suspects during the "current war on terrorism" violated international law, and if these methods could be the basis for prosecution in the International Criminal Court.

The only reasonable explanation for the request of this opinion is that the Bush administration wanted a legal cover against future prosecution. They got it in Yoo's "torture memos. Yoo noted that torture, as a crime, required a specific intent to inflict severe pain and suffering, but in his bizarre reasoning, he concluded this was not the intent of the interrogators.

They, according to Yoo, intended only to obtain information and any pain or suffering was incidental to their objective. Therefore, he concluded, Bush's "enhanced" method of interrogation was not the crime of torture punishable under U. A first year law school student would get an F for such obviously flawed legal reasoning. In dealing with the Geneva Conventions protection of prisoners of war, Yoo without any pretense of research or precedents, simply declared that al-Qaida suspects in custody were not prisoners of war because they were members of "non-state terrorists organizations that have not signed the Convention.

Then Yoo went further in his memos and declared that in his view of the Constitution, the president as commander-in-chief during a war Bush's war on terrorism has broad powers and any ambiguities, constitutional or otherwise, are to be resolved in favor of full presidential power. President Obama's administration recently released more of these memos by Yoo and others which justified the president's violation of the constitutional Bill of Rights.

These memos reportedly would allow the use of the military in America to break into homes and take away suspected "illegal combatants" and hold them indefinitely without a court hearing, spy on Americans without court orders, and stifle speech by cracking down on critics. Just five days before Obama's inauguration, Bush's acting head of OLC, Steven Bradbury, whose name reportedly appears on some of these memos, disavowed them by saying they were flawed and no longer supported by that office.

The Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility has reportedly prepared a highly critical report of Yoo and the memos. The chilling thought is that if Bush fully acted on these memos, would our other democratic institutions the legal system, other elected officials have stopped him? Wolf points out that such institutions in Germany in the s could not stop the dictatorship there. But while the public outrage is understandable, the public should understand that the power of Congress to act is limited.

One constitutional limit by the framers on House action is the separation of powers. There is a Senate yet to act on the House bill , a president yet to sign or veto such a bill passed by both congressional branches and a Supreme Court yet to review such bill if it is signed into law. The other limit is a list of legislative prohibitions in the Constitution such as a ban on enacting a "bill of attainder. The Supreme Court has said that the evil the Framers sought to bar with this constitutional ban was legislative punishment in any form imposed on specifically designated persons or group without a trial.

One does not have to be a political scientist to figure out the problem with this type of legislation. For example, Congress, if allowed to so legislate, could pass a law that CEOs of the investment banks, insurance company, bond rating companies, and mortgage lenders that were responsible for the current economic problem be barred from future employment in these financial fields.

Or Congress could pass a law aimed at specific group such as lawyers because congressmen think they unfairly charge clients and they should be punished with extreme tax rates. The House bill comes close to doing this to the group of employees receiving the bonuses in question. As one House member said on television to the employees, "give the money back, or we'll get you. The House members did all of this without affording the employees the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right to have a court decide the legal issues such as the pre-existing contracts for the payment of the bonuses.

The Supreme Court has mainly decided "bill of attainder" cases which involved laws barring designated individuals or groups from specified employment because these laws branded such individuals as disloyal.

In one case, the court overturned the conviction of a Catholic priest during the civil war because he was performing his religious duties without subscribing to a state loyalty oath required to be made by priests, and other religious ministers.

In another case during the cold war, the court overturned a federal law making it a crime for a member of the communist party to serve as an officer of a labor union. In both cases, the court ruled that the laws were bills of attainder because they focused on a specific members of a class and imposed a mandatory forfeiture of employment which has long been deemed a punishment.

But the court did find in one case that the federal law did not violate the "bill of attainder" prohibition despite its singling out of former President Richard Nixon to specifically give up his presidential papers and tapes.

Nixon after his resignation made an agreement with government officials to retain control of access to his presidential papers and tapes with a right by him to destroy the tapes. The special prosecutor in the Watergate investigation sought the tapes. Congress passed a law specifically directed at and naming Nixon which overrode the agreement and made the papers and tapes available to the government.

Nixon challenged the law as an unconstitutional "bill of attainder. The justices reasoned that this was a unique situation because all of the presidential papers from Hoover to Johnson at the time were housed in functioning presidential libraries and only Nixon's papers at the time demanded further action. The justices added that Congress had legitimate concerns about what should be done with them. Professor James A. Fox, an authority on gun violence, recently said that understanding such mass murder, reducing gun availability, and changing gun laws will not necessarily solve the problem.

But he said that even though these events are unpredictable and will continue to occur, the good news, according to Fox, is that these violent episodes are rare. I think that is a fair assessment when one considers all of the daily human activity that goes on in the nation and the world without any mass killings by shooters. Otherwise people would be barricading themselves in their homes and the police would be reluctant to respond to calls for assistance. But the multiple victims involved in such horrific acts overshadow the predominantly safe human conduct in the world.

The sensationalism over the mass shootings is the rarity of such events. The public reaction is analogous to that of the multiple victims of an airplane crash, which tends to make the public overlook the overwhelming safe, daily airplane flights. This is not to say that steps should not be taken to minimize mass shootings.

An attempt to totally ban guns is not an option because the Supreme Court recently interpreted the Second Amendment as granting a constitutional right to Americans to "keep and bear arms. One such measure that is just plain common sense to minimize multiple victims in a shooting spree is the restriction of military-type assault weapons to the military and to law enforcement.

The shooter in Pittsburgh without his reported "assault rifle" probably would not have been able to quickly gun down the three police officers who approached his house. Not only do these weapons pose a danger for the police in the hands of shooters bent on killing them, but they are dangerous even when used for sport in the hands of trained firearm personnel.

A former Pelham, Massachusetts police chief, who the Boston Globe reported was "well known" as a gun safety advocate who regularly visited schools to teach the National Rifle Association's "Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program" to children, was recently charged with involuntary manslaughter in the gun death of an 8-year-old boy.

This individual ran a gun fair at a gun club for the public to shoot weapons under the guidance of certified instructors. The boy was allowed to fire a micro Uzi, an automatic weapon used by Israeli special forces, and he shot and killed himself. The gun lobby's position is that the gun problem in America is not with guns, but with the criminals and others who seemingly for a variety of bad reasons use guns to kill people. The gun lobby contends that such criminals need to be prosecuted and incarcerated while those other individuals should be prevented from obtaining guns.

But the flaw in such an argument is that unless such criminals receive a life sentence or capital punishment, they eventually are back on the street with relative easy access to an illegal trade in guns. It is also difficult to identify and predict whether such individuals as the shooters in Binghamton, New York and Pittsburgh who had gun permits would seek revenge by mass shooting for reportedly losing their jobs.

It is not realistic to think that a significant dent can be made by the government in sorting out and confiscating the guns in the illegal trade from the estimated million guns in circulation in this country. But there are steps that can be taken to limit more guns in circulation. Some of them are to require background checks for all gun purchases and to regulate gun shows.

But such measures by themselves do not address the problem presented by the Binghamton and Pittsburgh shooters who apparently had recently lost their jobs and felt threatened by society, or the husband who shot and killed eight in a North Carolina nursing home and the husband in the state of Washington who shot and killed himself and his five children because in each case their wives decided to leave them. Fox has concluded that such factors as being unable to cope with disappointment, blaming others, lack of emotional support from friends and family, a precipitating event a job loss, a marriage breakup are all causes for individuals to resort to a weapon powerful enough to satisfy their need for revenge.

This goes to the root causes of many of these mass shooting sprees. The current bad economy is causing too many traumatic job losses. Rising divorce rates are breaking up families with a lot of trauma. But these are often overlooked societal effects by the general public in why it is important to fix our economy and have programs in place to deal with spouses and their children with marital problems.

One by-product of these societal problems has been felt in Pittsfield by the emergence of street shootings by jobless young men, many from broken families, who have apparently come here to live off a drug trade in this area at the junction between New York and Massachusetts. Crime and immorality come in many different levels of human behaviors. In the Autumn of , the decision was made that all the Jews in German-controlled Europe were to be exterminated. Eichmann then after went onto work deporting Jews, sending , Hungarians to their deaths in the gas chambers.

When the Nazi's finally reversed their orders to end and cover up their genocide against the Jews, Eichmann was appalled by the turnabout, and continued his work in Hungary against official orders! The point being that some "men" hold a fountain pen, which is far more dangerous than a gun.

We must work against corrupt politicians more so than a gun slinger. We must work to STOP all of the special interests in our local, state and national political systems. We must demand an end to poverty, homelessness, hunger, poorly performing schools, and the like. This political conspiracy by each state representative is their joining together to allow one of their members to become their leader, and in that position to run the body based on his personal whims.

In other words, they have conspired to create a virtual one-man Legislature. This point is made in part of the criminal indictment, which cites an e-mail sent by Joseph P. Lally, Jr. The message states: "Sal said when he wants something done within his domain he is ultimately going to get what he wants. Another telling point is that except for the allegation that DiMasi asked one representative to sponsor a piece of the House legislation in question, no other House members are mentioned in the indictment.

DiMasi, according to the indictment, was able to orchestrate the entire matter in the Legislature on his own. House members simply acceded to his actions of inserting the statutory language, given to him in part by Cognos representatives, in budget amendments and bond legislation, which not only set the scheme in motion but mandated funding for Cognos.

I continue to be amazed that, for the most part, neither the media nor the public want to understand what is going on in the legislature. This process is based on a long-standing practice of a member periodically soliciting support from a majority to be named the speaker of the House, and in return making promises to deliver legislative perks to these supporters leadership positions that carry additional pay, preference for pet legislation, large staffs, big office space and so on.

Part of this quid pro quo is that these legislative supporters will tacitly or overtly by their votes support the speaker in his actions. The important point is that a speaker is only able to do what a majority of legislators allow him to do. Each member has only one vote. None of the members are preordained by the voters or the state Constitution to have any more legislative power than any other member.

My message to a public fed up with the shenanigans on Beacon Hill is that all it would take to reform things is for a majority or 81 members to stand up and demand a democratic and open Legislature run by majority and not one person.

Instead of such a reform movement, television news analysts and editorial writers are making the point that now the governor will be able to push his call for legislative reform. But none of those proposed reforms regarding legislative pensions, gifts and so on will do much to change the practice of allowing a House speaker to be a one-man band at the Statehouse. Such power, as we have witnessed at the Statehouse, does indeed corrupt, as stated in the old adage. Current Speaker Robert DeLeo, who was a member of DiMasi's leadership team, was nurtured as a representative in this system of leadership.

So far, he has predictably continued the old style of leadership by first making a big effort to solicit support, then rewarding his supporters with perks and penalizing his opponents by banishing them to the back benches of the House chamber.

He continues to play the role of the one powerful House member by essentially being the sole voice of the entire House on state policy matters. I would like to think that the indictment of DiMasi just might prompt the media into reporting the real underlying reason for a string of three successive House speakers running afoul of the law, namely, the creation of all-powerful legislative leaders by a majority of the members.

That would induce editorial writers, television political commentators and other political analysts to urge the voters to hold their individual representatives accountable and demand real legislative reform. Then voters would finally get the message that their own representatives share the guilt in how the Legislature operates under speakers like DiMasi.

The Massachusetts Legislature, to be specific. It's nothing you can put your finger on but there may be something wrong with the way our elected representatives are conducting business, especially business as usual. First of all, if one Speaker of the House of Representatives does something wrong and is caught at it, then maybe it's because he's the proverbial bad apple in the barrel.

But then when a second Speaker of the House of Representative does something illegal and is caught at it, then maybe it's because we weren't paying attention. But then when the third in a row Speaker of the House of Representatives is indicted on fraud and conspiracy charges, then maybe the whole system is rotten and we have to vote out everybody, guilty and not guilty, and start over from scratch. Fool me once Fool me twice Fool me thrice? We have to do away with the clubhouse atmosphere that has become ingrained it the Legislature.

Once a person is elected, he or she seems to lose the integrity and responsibility that should be essential for a representative of the people. The new official becomes low person on the totem poll who is entitled to nothing as far as the political hierarchy goes.

They are the new people on the block who have to prove their loyalty if they have any hopes of decent office space and furniture, personnel, chances of advancement on committees and the ear of the Speaker. When Salvatore F. DiMasi abruptly retired some months ago shortly after he was exuberantly re-elected Speaker for the second time, I watched the farewell on television and was amazed by the number of assistants he had in his office.

He proudly praised them for their work and you could tell just by their titles that a lot of them had little to do. Representatives were applauding vigorously and laughing heartily whenever DiMasi seemed to think he was making a joke. Everybody knows and talks about how the Speakers have acquired too much power over the years but nobody has done anything about it except for the district attorneys who have prosecuted them.

Former Rep. Frank Hynes, Democrat of Marshfield who retired last year after serving 25 years, had this to say about the Speaker post. The Speaker controls basically everything — where you sit, where you stand, how many aides you get, whether you get a good parking space. Jakubowitz, has brilliantly and incisively commented several times on what is wrong in Boston.

In his Eagle op-ed column last week, he said that the indictments of the Speakers " are also a political indictment of every individual member of that body for their political conspiracy of dishonesty in violation of their duty as representatives of their constituents.

But their programs, slogans and diatribes are so weak and pitiful that they have no chance to get votes even from outraged common-sense citizens. We now recorded our demo covering 6 songs and want to publish them everywhere possible. We don't want to make money with these songs, we just want others to have fun with our music. The title of this piece refers to the extinct flightless bird, the Dodo and for some reason it seems appropriate. Works in a wide variety of formats and mediums; painting, photography, video, sound, installation, public art and interactive media.

Before moving to Berlin worked as a lecturer and course coordinator for a Masters course in Interactive Media at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Minimalistic sounds - Old Trance - BPM [ tags: minimal electro acid trance ] [ genres: electro trance ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. More info about Todd: www. Listen for the interplay between the playing and the delay. Where Are My Shoes? A question asked by many, but rarely answered satisfactorily. Come with me on a journey and help me to try to find my shoes.

Todd has earned a reputation as a highly sought-after percussionist and sound designer, working with notables such as Michael Vick, Keith Glover, Darren Welch, and Junk. It starts as a dry electronic essay and ends up degrading into something hard and dirty. One of our most high-up tracks. The first commercial album was released in We are based in Buenos Aires Argentina although our contributors and guests are spread around in a couple of countries such as Spain, the US and Japan.

The founders, Mussa and Jorge are multimedia people coming from the computer fields with varied experience in the visual arts. Kabusacki is a real musician. You can read more, listen to tracks and see pictures of the band in our website. Thanks for dedicating some time to our work. Elaborating with subtle variations and intricate rhythms.

Opera, hip hop and classical music are his main inspirations and believe music should be direct and aimed at the heart, not intellect. Track 4 from the album Question Everything [ tags: electronic electro breaks breakbeat upbeat ] [ genres: electronic experimental ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. This song comes preloaded on all Dell Computers. Sounds like HIM or Linkin Park [ tags: park freakhouse linkin him dell computers ] [ genres: rock song ] [ info: wav ccbysa2.

Preview songs at www. Digital tracking on a commodore Amiga with Yamaha synth modules. After some inactive years he re-discovered the art of making music. Influences: 80 years synth music Yazoo, new order , yello and the euro trance genre. Produces many different music styles, Hip hop Trance, hard trance, Euro trance, 80's synth. I have no idea what that is, and there is no rhythm guitar on this track anyway. Poke means a bag, or some pep. Leave me alone, I'm a family man. Comparatively tuneful.

Features coffee mug. Just listen. I also produce some artists, if I like them, or when they ask It starts off with a solo singer Our postrock can be intimidating, painful, danceable, Atmospheric and pounding, this song marks the first venture into true FFFFs territory.

Non-ornamental, melodic loopworks, pure and clean. It explores the various impact of vocal loops and otherwise unconventional noise loops in a controlled and song-based environment. Songs contain atmosphere usually tending toward ambient but also including beat and minimal synth-oriented material.

I also use found sound recordings. My music taste is all over the map - beat-oriented, tape loop noise, accessible, experimental. The music tends to reflect that wide-reaching map. He studies classical guitar and acoustic guitar and musical theory with the italian guitarist Riccardo Zappa.

He loves indie rock, alt. Why did you drag Dr. Zoidberg to the depths with you? So many questions and only this song remains. Franklin Drinking and screwing distilled into pure rock and roll. We think you are beautiful! You be the judge. Hint: Stalker's Anthem. This is teen-angst for adults. And yea, it is Fangbaby, here to deliver us from our existence in meatspace.

Stuck indoors due to shitty weather, they started collaborating on some songs, which they continued to work on over the next year and a half, even though Grumpy was in Texas, and Joey was out in California. In the summer of 05 Joey relocated to Austin, allowing Fangbaby to officially form, and begin polishing and performing their material. Soon after they signed with Old Pearsall Records, and immediately began slacking, which is after all, their nature.

I've been real busy laterly and afew thing didn't go as plan'd like my big suprise for hitting the download mark in May-Thanks to Opsound. Here's "Tha Ways". It's what I'm know for Part 6 of my Sfx series.

Something different It's what you would normally get from me-enjoy. So in an attempt to forget about the 2 feet of snow I'll be shoveling up, I put this 2gether. A mellow joint with few off-notes and low bass lines. And there's more coming soon. I'm Back To Business! Part 4 of my Sfx series and the last one of I dobut I'll win Eff it. This joint is just a simple breakbeat using element from ReBirth analog synth emulator.

Just before the s goes down. Everybody getting ready to throw down and get some blood in their hands. Just like my first Sfx offering, Sfx carrys that same dark backdrop. More to come. Go 'head! Use it! If you liked PM, you'll like this too [ tags: ] [ genres: downtempo industrial ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. On Sunday around , a very bored Silent Partner started to play around with some sounds he downloaded for Reason. By , he found something he liked.

By , He got an idea and started recording. By , He got hungry. By Oh, just listen. A great backdrop for anything. So strong that it tore trees from the earth and power lines from their posts well at least around my way. With the help of my condenser mic and Reason 3. The group plays melodic, intimate guitar pop. Sometimes rocky, sometimes folky. Influences are drawn from the likes of Ryan Adams, R. The new EP features five songs that showcase their range of abilities.

The songs are well crafted, tightly arranged and employ instruments like the pedal steel, trumpet, accordion and violin. The five-piece performs frequently throughout The Netherlands and has toured the UK successfully in August In April the band will visit France for a 10 day tour. He has no personal interests, no business affairs, no emotions, no attachments, no property, and no name. We are the group of performing composers playing on prepared or self-constructed instruments, vintage electronics and moduar systems mainly.

Music of Golden Nine is transforming composite of their co-composers styles with different musical backgrounds: contemporary chamber music, experimental music, post free jazz, electronic avant-garde, downtempo. We never use editing - except fade ins on starts and fade outs on ends of the tracks - so everything what you can listen from the rec.

Once or twice a month our sessions are open for limited audience. We perform direct in Studio on Zlota 9 Street, Warsaw, Poland, stream the sessions and than publish selection at www. Lot of our music at kbps mp3 is accessible for free. The artist encouter improvised music in but he did it unconsciously long before that.

First he play guitar and soon he turn to electronics such as Karaoke systerm, video player, door charm, 4 tracks recorder His is working on a field recording project:: S. Pretty standard stuff.. Very melodic, beautifully composed track. Soothing, psychedelic, and melodic.

JP Cutler and Adam Blomberg on guitar. Jason Parmar on Tabla. He attended Oberlin college in Ohio, hoping to further his musical horizons at their prestigious conservatory.

Disillusioned by the competitive nature of their classical music program, he stumbled upon the electronic music program TIMARA in the conservatory basement and never looked at sheet music again.

This coupled with discovering the magic of Orbital and jamming in bands widened his musical appetites immensely. The arrival of software which virtualized an electronic music studio was cleverly aligned with his ejection into the "real world" of San Francisco. Hatched, really. Five albums have been composed and produced over the last nine years, all of which can be freely downloaded from this spiffy website.

If you listen to them in order, you may discover the evolution of a musician coupled with the advancement of software technology. Or you might zone out to the point of hallucination. Either way, it's a win-win. From … [ tags: electronic modulation processed trip ] [ genres: electronic minimal ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

Grumbling bass, disconnected beats, unexpected funny atmosphere. A processor to give colors a deepness, a mini-disc for recording. It comes out spacious and live ambience. Take over and relax [ tags: abstract relax turntable scratch live ] [ genres: improvisation experimental ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

The feedback created inside the algorithmic is manually controlled for resonant listening pleasure. Direct into your brain [ tags: drone feedback algorithm hiss brain light ] [ genres: drone electronic ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Playing cd player, turntable and a delay processor [ tags: algorithm turntable scratch delay tribal hold ] [ genres: abstract groove ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

Cyclicity and rhythm in a tribal virtual environment, relaxing [ tags: rhythm refluxing tribal cyclicity relaxing ] [ genres: trip hop electroacoustic ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. For the past 8 years, he has dedicated himself to assembling sounds and collaborating with Italy's highly regarded avant-garde music collective Timet. As composer and producer his major efforts for Timet include Carne capitata , Colazione con la pietra , Quadri di schermo vivo He has created original music for art installations and experimental video, and industrial video presentations.

Amella USA. In January we enventually had enough material, equipment and time to record demo-versions of our songs We had just a week, a laptop a Powerbook , mixtable and 2 Shure Beta57A microphones. The first songs we recorded were How do you feel, Please and CompoX.

Then we did another recording session in July of the songs Shining and Jordanos. In October we recorded an old song we composed in It's called "So Far". In January two new songs were composed and recorded.

Only the song called "Undefined" is avalaible for preview. This song features Annie Grace Helena Ring on pianno. At the time of recording, no lyrics had been writen now the lyrics are ready so please be aware the words you will hear are meaningless. Exploring the relation between space and communication, with complex sound structures, transporting us to journeys of recognition of sound while a physical, tangible, tactile matter.

Sound art In my sound and installation research, I try to develop a minimalist aesthetics, recurring only to the potential character of sonic situationism, that sometimes is constructed for a given physical space.

My aim is to develop a physical and psychological sound experience, distancing the receptor to a sonic universe, without a directly induced image, leaving him in an open space to his reactivity and potentiating an experience of rupture with the contemporary media society, where images proliferate. In my work I explore concepts that go from the reality to the abstractive elements from exploring their symbolic dimension and the form that we recognize them in there spatial and cognitive dimension.

The importance of this research is the sound situations that I construct exploring concepts about perception and space knowledge and the boundaries about the human perception and art that are fundamental to the perceptive theories that are important to the understanding of the visual world that surround us with all the divergent information.

I was talking before.. Acid club ideas.. Simple and straightforward. From our latest album 'Across the River Twin'. Initially motivated by songwriters like Brian Wilson and Syd Barrett, the duo began composing music predominantly using synthesizers, trying to achieve a similar kind of neurotic cohesion without relying on fanatic tribute or duplication. Without knowing what direction this approach would take them, the pair's unique musical personality emerged. Half grounded in psychedelic pop, half grounded in modern electronica, their music remains removed from either genre.

As Mark states, "We're not trying to achieve some kind of crossover, we just don't really see a reason to separate the two. We listen to all different kinds of music, so why wouldn't we let all of it influence the music we make? One musician uses a guitar, another a sampler or a computer, another uses just the voice and so on.

We use synthesizers. The aim is still music. Electroacoustic composition using spectrally processed semi-binaural recordings of soundscapes. Producing his songs entirely by himself gives each track an intimate character and consistent feel that that beautifully catalogues one man's journey to ask the tough questions of life and then share those experiences with the world in song. Although he is known to many as the king of the "introspective love song", his latest album features several funky diversions reminiscent of Jamiroquai or Prince.

It's the first time I use drum and that I try to approch to another face of music. Only dream or madness? Lyrics of this song are taken from one of his most beautiful book: Uno, nessuno e centomila. I live near Milan, but I'm wondering about moving Hope you like it. My first shot at making trance music. Live Also for people who never had a home. The words we say are the sounds we hear and the things we see are the thoughts we have and it's all a bundle of love.

And love is enough but t. All is love love is all. He died of shotgunwounds in the head like so many have before. He died in the name of war Too far away still, but nothing else will keep us breathing Fight for food, mac We climbed up that platform as jesu did Golgotha Love you all Love those pretty little nosess staring at me from the tv toWer.

My beautifull light panel tells me where I want to be heading off today too two months and all he had two show for were too very expensive long distanceletters You can copy a performance that generates an endless variety of mesmerizing patterns Don't get bored, get confused. Since the formation of the band, there have been several member-changes but today it has four full-time and 2 part-time members. The genre of our music cannot be defined perfectly but it can be called "instrumental world music with a little Latin and folk influence".

With the help of our new members, we are capable of playing music that is not colourless and flat, rather original. The band's first experimental album was finished in August and we're happy to announce that our new 'EP' 'Napsugarak' which can be translated into Englsih as 'Sun-rays or Sunbeams' is finally complete. All the tracks apart from the intro and the outro display the events of a spring day from dusk till dawn.

Unfortunately we do not have the opportonity to perform live but if we receive an offer we'll accept it with pleasure. The band's third album LP will finish in autumn. Concerning the sound, we combined inorganic electronic sounds with organic acoustic sounds. The characteristics are the warm riff that gives a soft touch to the ear, and, a sharp accent. Continuous mutation in harmonic encounteers. II [ tags: ] [ genres: acoustic folk ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

Essentially, the lyrics are asking, "What makes me who I am and where do I fit into the Universe. For me it seems to be the first step towards enlightment. It begins with a true event where I tried to join the peace corps and they told me I needed two years of college first and I ask, "How much do I need to know to look at my Family humanity and say man you deserve more.

The last two versus are from the same point of view addressing humanity as a whole. In this his songs are relatable and honest, just. Please use this music in your art. Please include it and spread it around. I want to be viewed as a champion for CC. I want be seen as a supporter for my beliefs, as being a person true to his heart and not subject to the views of the community. I am who i am and you are who you are. If we listen to each other we will find things we didn't know.

Used some distortion in places, and it wasn't really on accident this time. Hope you have some appreciation for yourself. Thanks to you [ tags: ] [ genres: rock instrumental ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

Key ingredients found in most popular songs, things such as simplicity, hooks, structure verse, chorus, bridge, etc, and a melody you can identify, can be found. These things were missing in this piece. Sounded to me like a lot of random unrelated elements almost fighting with each other.

I didn't feel there was any cohesion. I hope these comments were helpful. What you are witnessing is real. The participants are actors, posing as serious musicians, all in one body.

No one was hurt in the making of this production. Distortion added at will, and this song is NOT loop based. IF a song could talk then what would it say? What would this piano tell you? Rather experimental, but isn't everything that way once upon a time. A Mood. A feeling. Personally I am pleased with the stereo imaging that I have achieved here, through the use of panning. I also think there are really cool effects throughout the piece. Pay attention to some of the rapid fluctuations in panning that I have used at the end.

This track was originally layed out in Garageband. The version that you are listening to has been remastered with Peak for Macintosh. It consists of a mixture of loops, and samples from an Alesis QS6 Synth. I used a PowerMac G4 Dual mhz processors and 1. It has occurred to me that my songs may be loved by even just a few other souls, after I have passed through this human existence.

Sadly this happens to many more artists that you may have ever imagined. However, they never give up their motivation, as if forced by a ethereal force to continue their artistic expression. Almost a curse it can feel at times, but I don't think that any artist, whether successful, or not, would trade in this unseen force for anything in the world. I know for example: I would not trade my sense of hearing in for my sense of sight.

But what a foolish bargain most people would agree. I cannot help the fact that my music is so much of me. Only in the last two years, and after great rejection by the music world, despite rigorous study through high school, and three years of study at the University of Colorado at Denver, have I taken up other artistic expressions.

Web Design, Graphic Design, Freelance writing, and even advertising and product development are skills that I had no real training with, even through college. These skills have been fashioned through my own quest for knowledge, and are quite immature in development stages. Yet I am proud of where I have come, especially for the skills I have learned on my own. What it has taught me, is that the world is anyone's oyster, and you can harvest whatever riches you may admire with work and with the simplest desire.

Thanks for noticing perhaps something in my work. It all adds up to make all my effort have some final worth. Pounding orchestral beats against a deep sound. Originally taken from rjmarshall's "Tinderbox. Kukla's "Parisian Bells Piano Variation " last one not available anywhere Johnson Fifth track on the album. Fan favorite. Visit Harold J.

Jay Critchley resume + JAY CRITCHLEY Post Office Box Provincetown, MA USA [email protected].

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