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Ebola To The People - Amok - Lava Dictatorship

10.03.2020 Mulmaran 6 Comments

Just like the space race and the race to develop and use nuclear weapons, the technological race will be on to see who can develop the best robotic military. This has another world war written all over it. This kind of military reverse engineering seems to be almost straight out of an action film. We're curious as to whether North American or other armies are thinking and developing along the same vein? Even thousands of miles away where peoples lives are completely different than the U.

I know that celebrities garner attention worldwide, but I did not think that included reality stars from other countries. Would anyone in America care about a rich girl and her family going out to clubs and parties in South Africa?

As much as people all over the world dislike America, they will always be interested in our celebs. Here, learn about where and what the Southern Ocean is.

This was a very interesting video about this body of water. It is true that if you do not learn about something in school, than it must not be important. I am suprised that this massive body of water has not always been considered an Ocean. I understand that explorers were not blazing paths through these waters as much as the others during the time of exploration, but the size and differece of this large body of water cant be ignored.

There is probably so much going on on these ocean floors that we will never know about, at least not any time soon. The southern ocean is a collection of oceans near Australia…. I think this video conveys two clear messages. I agree that this is why so few people from the Northern Hemisphere regard the Southern Ocean as its own entity. I also believe a subconscious factor in involved, in which human though has a natural inclination to ignore that which is referenced as at the bottom or low in this example applying to a latitude.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, is that there is more than what meets the eye. Yes, even I agree that from a purely physical sense of geography, the Southern Ocean can just be absorbed into the southern extents of 3 others.

However, the visualization of the currents and biosphere are spot-on evidence to support the contrary. While many typically assume that maps and even geography itself is rather static and able to change or be altered this video shows the opposite. As the way the earth is seen changes so are maps and they way geography is taught. In some cases the shifting borders aren't only from political shifts as one might imagine but also from the discovery and deciding of things such as this.

Like history, geography is a ever changing and shifting field of work. Sure, in absolute numbers, the U. But relatively, it's upper-mid-pack as an immigrant nation. It ranks 65th worldwide in terms of percentage of population that is foreign-born, according to the U. Immigrants make up more than a fourth That's compared to Would have never guessed it that there are this many more countries taking in more immigtrants than America.

When you turn on the news, immigration never really seems to sound like a problem for other countries around the world like it is in the U. I know that America has a lot more people so it knocks the percentage down a bit, but The question is, does it bother them there like immigration bothers people here? Khmer cuisine has long been overshadowed by its Thai and Vietnamese cousins.

But times and menus change. Its always interesting to see cuisine from other parts of the world. It seems like fish and meat are staples in Cmbodia as well, although they are prepared very differnt than other parts of the world.

Insects seem to be popular on the menu here as well. If I were to travel to this part of the world, I am not sure I would have much of an appetite after viewing some of these "specials". It apperas that one countrys trash is anothers treasure, and possiblty so much more. You can see first hand in this video how a culture from one part of the world can have great impact on another so different and so far away.

Being deported could be the best thing that happened to this teacher. It also could be the best thing that happened to a lot of these childrens lives as well. I thought the saying was "If you build it, they will come". Well I guess thats not the case here. Astonishing that a capitol city can be so underpopulated, although thats the way the country seemed to have wanted it when they moved where the capitol city was located.

It just goes to show the importance of certain things in some places in the world compared to others. I bet the people of Jakarta would love to have this 2o lane highway running through their city. I strange but not historically unprecedented situation.

This kind of reminds me of all the cities China built in compensation for population growth. Historically the only way cities like this succeed is either by enticing immigration with tax cuts, free house etc or it has been forcefully with entire populations being moved the latter being what the ancients largely did creating cities like Alexandria.

Another example of capital moving is Iran however how they got a population in theirs I am not aware. Burma committed to neither and as a result the city is a failure. The cities layout also seems a bit extreme given it was made to suppress rather than entice. What is really bad however is the loss of agricultural land and ancestral villages in the area being destroyed all clearly for nothing.

At the very least the country may be slowly moving away from dictatorship but only time will tell. Hopefully this failure will force further concessions making it a more tolerable place to live.

Only then true solutions will likely be found to their poverty since the dictatorship has been seemingly incompetent in its actions. South Korea's tourism ministry estimates that more than 2.

That's helping companies such as iWedding, which is the largest of the South Korean wedding planners hosting Chinese tourists, to flourish. I am amazed that the Chinese look up to anyone about anything. They always seem to think that they reign supreme in just about everything and that they are the center of the universe.

To hear people say that they look up to South Korea for fasion and beauty is astounding. China has the best of both worlds when it comes to history and modernity, and there are so many vibrant up and coming areas of China that it is shocking to see them look up to another country.

Seems that the Chiese are skipping over their ally to head to South Korea for a better time. Seems that international isolation really does have an effect on the domestic life, and toursim, in North Korea. They really also want to just go shopping somewhere new and modern and see what just might be avaliable in their neighbor to the south. Guess this time they won't be invading South Korea with an army, as in , but with tourists.

I found this article very interesting because it seems so elegant for this new bride to have pictures takend and she has this new place where her and her husband are going to be getting married and then the article talks about where the best place is to go when these celebrations are happening.

Imagine living in China and missing Chinese food. It happens. American expatriates who grew up with popular takeout dishes like General Tso's chicken can't find it in China because it essentially doesn't exist here. Much of the Chinese food we grew up with isn't really Chinese.

It's an American version of Chinese food. Chinese immigrants created it over time, adapting recipes with U. Now, Americans living in Shanghai can get a fix of their beloved Chinatown cuisine at a new restaurant. Genius idea for these two guys to capitalize on a market that would seem to be non-existent. I have always thought that Chinese food in America was the way it was in China.

Knowing that it is not and knowing how many Americans are in China, not to mention how much American culture has an effect in China, especially food, this is a great way to bring American culture to the East. Like the one lady said, she felt like she was at home when she ate the meal. The power of food is amazing. This is a cool article because many times we assume Chinese food is actually Chinese when it isn't.

All of the food we eat that we think is Chinese is just our own American versions of it. If you go to that part of the world, that type of food isn't even found there.

Now Americans living in Shanghai can go to a restaurant and experience what they would if they were living in America.

American-Chinese food is very popular and to see it reach Shanghai is incredible because of how influential it has become. They faced many problems and not many people even believed that they'd stay open but their success has brought joy to the people living in that area. This is the opposite of American franchises going into a foreign country. The franchises have to cater to the culture foods or go out of business.

McDonalds as we see it in America serve hamburgers but in some Asian countries they serve oriental soups and must cater to their culture foods or go out of business. Here in this article its the culture of America's way of making Chinese food and bringing it into china. Its nice to see a country give a helping hand to another country, even when that same country has many dire needs themselves.

Although k might night seem like a lot of money, that is probably money that India could have used itself for various reasons and concerns. India knows first hand of the effects of natural disasters so i am sure they feel the pain of these other places.

I can't stand being in traffic for 5 minutes never mind multiple hours every day just to get a mile or two down the street.

With population so high in these megacities, its astonishing to see that the governments of these cities are not focusing more on the infrastructure to stabilize the traffic. Im sure this in turn effects the economy and the lives of all individuals involved. Its amazing how much traffic can affect air pollution, especially in such a small place. Dhaka is heavily populated, traffic in this small but heavily populated community is very stressful, even to look at in the photo provided above.

I can't imagine living in such a heavily populated area. I guess you can compare it to downtown New York City. However the pollution is more intense in Dhaka than it is in NYC. This is a prime example of a megacity and the population that it cohabits the city. The huge populaiton that is se densley populated in such a small area creates for a large traffic and pedestrian issues.

After watching the video you would think that there would be more accidents but living in a city like this you would get use to the population ways and learn the ways of life. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, suffers from overpopulation. As funny and nerve-wrecking this video was, it shows an instability on how important technology is in order for safety.

In the video we can see cars just passing by fast and furociuosly within centimeters of crashing in the car in front of it. And this was over five years ago…. How clever! One last thing: what percent of those hundreds of millions of dollars that MSF collects do you think finds its way to Israel? A woman I knew was once involved with Tyson Foods.

She knew the Tyson family well and once attended an expensive fund raising dinner for Bill Clinton with them when he was still governor of Arkansas. This would have been in or When Clinton finished his speech he made a beeline for the Tyson table, spoke briefly with him and glad handed everyone there. He then moved on to circulate among the crowd. They do lay their plans long in advance - but will seize on an event if its in their general line of march.

Widely circulated evidence revealing Ebola as a scripted event in the making several years ago. Lab concocted. Tested and spread through West Africa. Go to Flu. See all the alphabet flu strains listed. They have to keep passing the fortune around the inner circle! What a disgusting bunch of wicked men and women…always creating the chaos and then making money off our sick or tired or broken backs.

Are you in the European Empire colonized Russia or the West? Did Russia deprive Poland of sovereignty by signing the Treaty of Lisbon? Or did the German Jew Tusk? And the Ukrainian Jew Kaczynski? Did Russia cut out state owned agricultural holdings, and did Russia allow the lands of the Northwest Poland to be taken over by the Germans of Jewish origin?

Is Russia euthanizing the Poles, switching off life sustaining machines, and using the organs fro Western millionaires? Did Russia tale over the pharmaceuticals, or are the international cartel of Polish Jews giving us poisoned, harmful and ineffective drugs? Did Russia take over the Polish banks, along with 66 billion yearly income, and print Polish money, or German-Jewish financiers?

Did Russia demoralise and addict Polish youth to drugs and alchohol, or did the Jewish-Polish? Or was it Germans and Jews? Can the West help rebuild Poland from the devastation of war, or Russia? Who makes huge profits from the human-colonized Europe; Russia, or Germany and the Zionist world? The official story is that combat troops are being sent to build treatment structures for people who are infected with Ebola. Stanley rejoined AMOK for the recording of this album as a drummer.

The LP will be released in copies, and the first will include a bonus 10"EP. The tracks are almost finished recorded. This is the first recording with our new drummer Taipan. The bonus tracks will be exclusive for this release. New artwork will also be designed for the LP. Agonia Records will release a split 10"EP with Iperyt this year. The album will be heavily inspired by blood libels.

This time the Devil will be called from a Vessel of Blood. Skullfucked Skullfucked Thrown into a septic void Filling up massgraves Flesh in pain, still alive You will be skullfucked Beaten with bones Whipped with barbwire Fucked with a skull Pain makes you puke Die Perverted violence Necrotic orgy Deathbringing cranium Moshed into Hell Suffer in slime Blood spilling out You're turning blue You have been skullfucked Lava: vocals, guitars Stanley: bass Mord: drums.

All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. Retrieved 9 November How pathogenic viruses work 3 ed. Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Archived from the original on 22 May Med Sci Paris in French. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Archived from the original on 15 May Federal Register. Retrieved 13 August New England Journal of Medicine. Archived PDF from the original on 12 September Retrieved 15 September Archived from the original on 11 January Archived from the original on 8 October Archived from the original on 25 October Transmission risk reduction of filoviruses in home-care settings" PDF.

Archived PDF from the original on 26 October Fauquet Virus taxonomy classification and nomenclature of viruses; 8th report of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses. Archived from the original on 4 June BBC World Service.

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Archived from the original on 12 July Ebola 1st ed. New York: Rosen Pub. Retrieved 5 November No time to lose: a life in pursuit of deadly viruses 1st ed. New York: W. Archived from the original on 16 November The Scripps Research Institute.

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Limited to copies. Track A11 originally performed by Sex Pistols. Side Amok previously released as "Lava Dictatorship" demo in Side Audiopain previously released /5(4).

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    As the trio mentioned above we recorded two demos, “Sadistic Attack” () and “LAVA Dictatorship” (). In the line-up changed. Both Stanley and Mord left the band and I recruited Necrocum and Iscariah. We decided to program the drums instead of searching for a new drummer.
  2. Fekree says:
    Amok - Ebola to the People Show lyrics (loading lyrics) 2. Amok - Nuclear Warbeast There are no reviews for LAVA Dictatorship / Revel in Desecration yet. You can write one. AMOK's LAVA-demo & Audiopain's Revel-demo on CASSETTE. Handnumbered copies. Added by: lava: Modified by.
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    LAVA Dictatorship / Revel In Desecration () Sadistic Attack / Nordens Doedsengel () A Norwegian Hail To VON ()Genre: Black metal Taake, Dødsmetal (Amok), .
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    Jul 21,  · Nordens Doedsengel / Sadistik Attack, an Album by Taake / Amok. Released in on Perverted Taste (catalog no. n/a; Vinyl 10"). Genres: Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal/5(1).
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    Tanita tikaram closer to the people lyrics Songs with tanita tikaram closer to the people lyrics all the songs about tanita tikaram closer to the bluegrass.chartgenie.netinfo a list of all the new and old songs with lyrics of tanita tikaram closer to the people directly from our search engine and listen them online.. Is America Great Again Now? Rate Trump - Vote now!
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    Nominator's comments: Cannibalism and high death toll in DRC. --Catlemur , 31 October (UTC) Opppose this is more of a long term news and would be better suited in the Ongoing section. But im not sure if it qualifies for that yet either -- Ashish-g55 , 31 October (UTC) Suport if we can get a better blurp, like "Congolese insurgent eaten by enraged crowd".

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