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Deliver Me Up - Various - EMI Hot Shots Nr. 3/92

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It earned its name because it makes the cursor move across the screen while leaving a trail of user-. Joystick Mouse Emulator With a joystick i" pod 2, Joystick Mouse Emulator moves a pointer about ilic screen much as does a mouse input.

Your programs will have to contain a series of [f-Trien Statementl,. Listing '2 lisis some typical commands on the screen, along with tbe pointer, calls the machine language routine and waits for the joystick to move the pointer. A formula computes lie pointer's screen location in default when you press the fire-bullon.

The pointer moves in the direction you press the joystick. When you move the tip of the pointer over a desired instruc. Of course, in using the joystick routine in your own appli cations, you must map out the format of your own on-screen. The formula in line 70 of the demo program returns the number of the screen Cell that the pointer occupied when you pressed the fire-.

For instance, for a pointer in the upper-left corner of the screen. P ss The data for the sprite shape begins at the eighth data clement in Listing 1 on line Change this data to create other shapes.

Data items 13 and 15 in line change the. To switch screen locations, adjust the formula by changing to the number of the first byte of screen memory that your program uses; the joystick routine still works. Nuie: You an abbreviate Basic keywords; spaces affect [he checksum only when within quotes; :md the Order of characters affects the checksum. If [his number matches iJie. If the number that appears ilofin'l match the checksum value, compare the line with the magazine listing to liticl your error.

Continue entering the listing until all the lines have been correctly typed. Save the finished program. All the graphics and control characters in he listings in RUN. They are the instructions you see inside the curly braces. You do noi type in the curly braces. Here are some more examples;. We are giving you moreofoursetrets.

It will taKt your data and automatically tthlTE. Instructions are so clearand precise that anyone can use it. C "C" is for combo and that's what you gel. A super combination of both chips A and Bin one. To user simply touch 3 function key, and ft responds to your command. The Final Cartridge Hi. This small ca;d! Riverside Plaza, S.

Dataware Ave. SX, VIC Your C has Ihe capability of interlacing directly with any Centronicscompatible printer. This package includes several printed programs that you can add to your own programs, including a utility to allow use of the computer while printing is in progress.

Also included are plans for assenv Wing a parallel printer cable and a description of the parallel interface slandard. These programs are not on a disk. They are provided In printed lorm so you can study them and adapt them to your own programs. Dala is com. Write or call or details and FREE samples. HirtnuH hhw problem.

Z, X - 13, Xt Linear Programming Syslcm 6-U12B. Mi aids' B2S. UPS Ground. Loader ulllllloa Included for both C and CB modos. Call lor "Wrllo Stuff" pkg. Brown Boies, Inc. MA B0; Need help in designing your Class Adh questions about rale5. We accept. Easlesl end fastest music snlry and playback. Powerful—can accommodate Blmost all popular and classical music. Add feeling by conducting music using keyboard and up lo eleven designated changes each, in tempo end volume.

Orchestrate up to four different sounds far each voice. Cut and Paste. Play part of a song. Play program of up to 20 songs in any ordsr. Excellent for learning individual vocal pan's. Includes 24 sample. BBR Both anfl 64 applications am on onodlskONLy Arcade Aclion, Logic, Chance, and Strategy are. Tins kJe. Call or write for more current product list. Add S3. Slar, NEC. Depart for your mission on One of Six highly wphislicalBd feds ration vessels utilizing a complex array of power systems,.

I've tried others, but found that the quality and number of programs offered on the ReRUN disk. My two teen-aged sons agree. They enjoy the games and educational pro grams.

Join the thousands of RUN magazine readers who subscribe to. RUN Class Ads were specifically de signed to provide the effectiveness of display advertising at the cosi of clas sified advertising. Need help in designing your Class. In Addition— Utilities, home applications, programming, program listings, reviews and more, We're also.

Hi'X will pcrioilic. Texas and Underware. V, BatV Inoe Ordcn. SO Him St.. NH 0a43S. DOSAondy feimrjll. See More. What's this? Human-seeking suicide robots? But you've got an M1AB pocket computer to help you crack the security code. This bonus disk contains the very best programs well as entertaining games and features.

Software to Balance Your receive from five to ten quality, original programs not pub lic domain depending on the size of each program.

Get the Most from Your Commodore Every month, you can rely on the vast experience of our editors and programmers to provide you with carefully se lected software you can use. Each monthly issue contains valuable features such as: home financial programs, recipe organizers, accounting packages, word processing applica tions, graphics, music programs, educational programs and games. Commodore for only SI''. Q Please send me information tin your new quarterly tool you own. I Cuds 66 on flaaOef Service caid.

Lei Might and Magic7"1 be your guide to a world of mazes, monsters, magic and mystery. Cuclo on Rmidpr Service card F. Bntei imisir into your C vvilh Music Editor.

Whai follows is John kvan [ want to sue for breach of promise. Like a glib politician at a Demo cratic or Republican convention, the personal computer world is long on piomises hut short on delivery.

And docs the temperature in the room determine advertising c1. Secretary hardware—it's enough 10 make me pack up my floppies and head for the MaimxjtSwanson sanity of a world before computers.

WisiCoavi On-ict I he computer world can he an intimidating environment populated by pirates, mavericks, computer lieaks. Giorgio Saiuti The industry aspires to make their products. No thanks. S3M W. Suite In sum. Brisson, the personal Computer world is a bewildering, over Pai. CA whelming place—not a leading-edge technological paradise. I Mill become a better golfer.

UUU1 There's something missing in my life. I'm giad to hear thai you have undergone eXWnslve psychiatric sessions at computer Camp and ate hack in the mainStream Of computerdom with a more positive outlook.

You may be surprised to learn thai your Opinion an: probably shared by more lhan one new computer user. At its best, a Computer is an effective tool [hat can do some things extremely well, as millions ol people of varying interests and abilities have discovered. N'u pjrl cif tlm publication jiuy be printed or otherwise re- produced without writtin permtaton from itir ;miiii h.

Q-Link Ls also your link to leading Commodore software publishers and their wares, to over 15, max ray public domain software programs you can President download and keep, to teachers who'll help your kids with their homework, and to clubs, contests, Commodore Business games, and a host of other services hat run the gamut of your imagination.

Machines Experience it or yourself. And see why I've put my company on the line for you. Street Address. D MasterCard -. Based on Tom Clancy's imber 1 best-selling book, ed Storm Rising puts you in the role of captain of an American luclear attack submarine Red Storm Rising is a chillingly realistic blend of contemporary high technology and classic military strategy.

Find out if you have what it takes to tackle the Russian bear. Until now, using this technique in your own programs was well beyond the reach of everyone but highly skilled programmers. When you first enter the SYS command, the screen fades, and entering it the second time returns die screen.

The graphics are world regions — from a deep-strike mission in North Africa to that vivid We'll train you in that convincing. Learn the the secrets secrets of of stealth stealth flying flying — — maintaining maintaining aa low low Learn Featuring mastering the tactics that only a stealth pilot dares to try. Hunt Valley. Argentina, and Giorgio Grassi of undergraduate school to help them determine their final Parm;t, Italy, asking for a way to change the C and C grades. Il determines your final ropean 50 Hz electrical current.

In response, I've written grade based on the results of all your test scores. This permits Commodore achieve a desired final grade, owners in these countries to use programs that utilize internal If your teacher or Instructor tells you that all testa have the same weight in determining the final grade, enter at the first prompt.

Make sure that the missing grade percentage is configured last. After entering all the percentages, the program displays a list of potential List-grade percentages corresponding to the final average. Cinemaware Corporation, Thousand Oaks Blvd.. CA boxing game, lasts a lot longer than 91 25 introduces four new games. The evil Acamantor returns to Belorn in the arcade game Enlightenment.

Accolade, S. Win complete with a patented Twilight Zone chester Blvd.. Suite San [ose, CA ending. Tired of watching had TV? Do some years after Hasrinaxx the Dnild ban thing about it—make it worse! In Prime ished him. He must then and do lunch. For one or two and degree, turret-mounted laser cannons. In Carrier Command, a game of stra trol the ship with a squadron of remote first-person duck, and when bit, each boxer's face shows the damage he's sustained, such sign your own battlefields and create tegic warfare, yon try to capture enemy islands and destroy its forces.

You con The gives you a feel for what it's like to be in the ring. Featuring both offensive and defensive maneuvers, boxers dodge and The Universal Military Simulator lets Check Reader Service number C-—Taito Esplanade, Suite mon princes who guard him, and finally experience the many pitfalls and puzzles , destroy Acamanior with to make your mission challenging, like V7M 1A5 offers eight new games.

First Row Soli- the enchained lamps and the Black of Israel to the death. Vancouver, B. Ciieck Reader Service number Reward for success is the hand of princess Grizelda; the price of failure is North Bpiakino of Sporti Arkanoid: You need fast action lo break clown the 33 barriers that stand between you and DOH, die destroyer of the universe.

Stargltder II. Playing under professional billions of bullies. I'A—In The Twi light Zone, you arc that "normal person thrust into fantastic situations" as you rules, you select defensive or offensive plays, design your own plays and substi tute players. Bubble Bobble: You and your two Gladiator: Take a journey back lo an cient Rome to become ihe strongest and nis simulation, emphasizes correct ball bravest gladiator. Operation Wolf: The last of the hos tages has been taken, and the only way placemen , timing and stroke selection.

Rack 'Em, with an overhead and 3-D view of the pool table, contains five bil get out fast. Serve 8c Volley, an action-strategy ten Rastan: Be the invincible ancient war lord, Rastan, and kill off a host of evil lords and their servants as you try to defeat the mighty castle king.

Renegade: Are you ready to be the seem Straight pool, and 8-ball and 9-bal! The one- or two-player game lets you baddest dude on the streets? Warpspeed functions identically on both the C64 and C12B in the 40 or 80 column mode and works with ail compatible drives.

Built In mode select and reset switches tool Attention advanced users: An Integrated sector editor and drive monitor and a lull featured mini-assembler are all Included! Only Warpspeed delivers 55 features that no other cartridge can match. Why limp along on impulse power whan you can jump to Warpspeed? PRODUCTS trie Company software titles, below, helps children ages 6 to 9 to continue to develop their reading comprehension, vocabulary, word recognition and lin guistic competence skills.

Students collect on screen words and pictures to make up stories about "Baggy's" adventures catalog, around the world. Paragon Software, Rugli St. Check Reader Service number It features 20 increasingly difficult levels of play. Roll-A-Word, a linguistic activity, gives practice in rhyming patterns, learning word families and developing spelling skills.

A word-gen era ing machine assists as children spell words to match pictures and then create sentences with them. The Sesame Street Print Kit leis chil dren design and print out signs, posters, banners, greeting cards, invitations, sta tionery, story and coloring books, party decorations, placemats and games on Pats Rose Pennant Fever, s baseball simulation from Modiogonic.

Features include 60 Sesame Street Muppec characters in high-reso lution outline, 20 decorative graphics Three-Siaty's arcade-action adventure, Warlock. Three-Sixty Pacific. Suite , Camp quired. Pennant Catch the action from eight dif ferent perspectives: behind home plate, Swimware, a C graphics program, at every base and from four outfield views.

A printer is rec breaks all the rules, with outrageous characters and wrestling that's hard t" believe—just like [he real thing, Choose from eight rowdy wrestler! Each of the three game levels pro gress to more challenging activities. Famous quotes, tides and sayings revealed with onscreen graphics inspire hilarious in teraction among players. Check Reader Service number A RciiRstortf Ave.

Located on the northern shore of the Moonsea in the Forgotten Realms, the city of I'hlan has been overrun by mon sters led by a mysterious leader. Heroes of the Lance re-crcaies the epic battle between good and evil on the role-playing, graphics adventure where world of Krynn.

You control eight com you, as the wizard, venture forth lo de feat a hOBI of dragons, elves, warriors panions, each with different attributes and magic creatures and stop the plans treacherous ruins ofthe temple XakTsa- of the mad wizard Aldorin.

In Master Ninja: Shadow Warrior of and skills and guide them cleep into the roih to retrieve the precious Disks of Mishakal, guarded by the black dragon Death, a graphic animation game, you are ;t great ninja warrior sent to recover Khisanth.

Il includes over separate encounters and over monsters and characters to help reduce game prep time by several hours per session.

Battles of Napoleon, a war game arid construction sel, lets you simulate practically any Napoleonic engagement on a Helical level. Cre PRODUCTS cludes auto-fire, two trigger buttons in the handle, two base buttons for left or panels and clear the roadways of killer right-handed play, and four suction feet sparks, spikes, barriers and vicious to firmly anchor the slick to a surface.

The Alternate Reality: The City begins when an alien spaceship deposits you in a room with a single exit. Once you Zipper joystick has eight-directional control and an extra-long cord. You'll need as much skill as pos sible to survive. Someone sights an approaching Check Reader Service number , piece of space rock the size of Louisi ana, and, with the assistance of an ad venturer, you search for Professor K.

If you fail to find Bogie down Sunset Blvd. See where the Rut Pack hung out. You can travel through eight eras, visiting old nickelodeons, Paramoiu Studios or Hollywood Thea tre.

Answer thou tion , a four-player game of space col onization and conquest, you are responsible for the survival of your race. Starting with one colony, you build your interstellar empire by searching sands of trivia questions about the stars. Norman Gregg Rodney Jerkins. John W. Claude Kelly Rodney Jerkins. Timothy Mosley Brandy Norwood. Chauncey Hollis. Kurt Farquhar Brandy Norwood. Atlantic Records. Epic Records. RCA Records. Various Artists.

Willie Norwood. Retrieved January 3, ABC Records. Marc Ecko. Retrieved March 30, Daniel Caesar. Golden Child. Elektra Records. Arista Records. Retrieved Kanye West.

Asylum Records , Warner Bros. Paramount Records. Sir the Baptist. Chris Brown. Ray J. Create Music Group. Stacy Francis. Stacy Records. Carl Thomas. Doggystyle Records. Quincy Jones. Qwest Records. Diana Ross. Motown Records. Todrick Hall. Todrick Hall Music. Mystery Skulls. ROUTE Rumble Rock. Seventy 7. Severn Records. Sin-Seer Records. Sin City. Single Lock Records. Sing My Title. Sledgehammer Blues. Smitsonian Folkways. So Far Out. Solide Smoke Records. Son Of Dave.

Sony - Friday Music. Sony BMG. Sony Music. Sounds Of Florida. Southern Roots. Speaker's Corner. Stag-O-Lee Records. Start Records.

Stax - Ace UK. Stax Records. Stony Plain Records. Sugar Hill Records. Sundazed - Modern Harmonic. Sundazed Records. Sunset Records. Swan Records. The Prof. Bop Archives. There's A Dead Skunk Records. Tidal Waves Music. Tiger Bay. Time For Action. Time Life. Timm Kerr Records. Tone Records. Top Stop Music. Traffic Entertainment. Trocadero Records. True North Records. Tuff Gong. Universal Music.

Universal Special Markets. University Of Vice. University Of Vice Records. Verve Europe. Verve Records. VINYL 4. VizzTone Label Group. Vizztone Records. Vogue Records. Wagram Music. Warner Brothers Records. Warner Music Group. Washington Hit Makers. Wax Love Records. WaxTime Records. Wax Time Records. Witchcraft International. WM UK. World Communications. World In Sound. XYZ Record. Zent Records. Bear Family Records Vinyl Club.

Japan Vinyl LP. Legacy Edition. This gives the starting ad dress of the next program line in memory. If we look at. A single zero is a marker at the end of each program line.

Line 10 ends at address The next line starts at address The bytes beginning at the slart of the second line look like this: Just to give an idea of the types of applications you can write once you understand the structure, study this simple example.

It prints the line numbers in a program along with their starting locations in memory:. Line 10 defines a function which calculates the value of the link pointer or the line number at a given address.

Line 30 sets up the initial address for the C and chan ges it if the program is being run on the C Recall that DSS is a special disk-status variable for the C, but it has a null value unless otherwise defined on the C Initially line 40 gets the starting address of the program, just as we discussed earlier. Once we reach the double ze roes at the end of the program, the link at that address is zero, and line 50 causes the program to end.

The is the token for the. From our earliest discussion, we saw that the first two bytes of each line are die link, and the next. Line 70 prints the results, and line 80 goes back for more. The program is deceptively simple. You should carefully study it to fully understand the process of accessing links AHOY! You could expand upon this program o perform various other tasks. For example, search for REM. Routines like these could be added to longer programs to.

The algorithm discussed last month for inserting and de leting nodes of singly linked lists can be readily adapted for doubly linked lists. With back links, we can more eas. Did you ever wonder why you can't scroll backward while editing. The Back Link of the node to be removed tells which node precedes it.

If each program line held a link to the previous line in memory as well as to the next line, perhaps the BASIC editor would back-scroll. A cir cular list is easily implemented, for example. Simply change the null value of the Final Next Link so lhat it points back. Most word processors and editors have separate forward. Sec if you can translate the following sentence which is.

The Next Link at node number 4 is 2. Therefore the sec. Its pointer has the null value shown us -1 in dicating the end of the list. The decoded sentence is "Linked. In the process, the entire document will have been searched. Every editor should be equipped with this capability. Another major category of data structures are trees. With the tree structure, each node may have links to two or more succeeding nodes.

Many types of data ranging from genea. The book is packed with algorithms and examples of numerous data structures. There are many other excellent sources of information on these.

Obviously we do not need the Back Links to interpret the sentence. In fact with some effort we could even read the sentence backward without the Back Links. Here is how we might do it. We could search the Next Links until we found the pull value -1 at node 3. This lells us that the Then we could search through the Next Links until we tbund the node that pointed to node number 3, namely node 1 "ARE". We then look for the node with a Next Link value of 1.

Another search shows. One more time through the Next Link list shows us that no node poinls to node 4. Therefore we have completed our backward jour ney through the list with the result "Handy are lists linked. If this were a 10, word documeni, it would be very time consuming to search through the list each time to find every preceding node.

The Back Links make the backwards. Node Ws Back Link has a null value, sig nifying the end of the list. Ai the expense of additional mem-. Refer to die pro gram Amazement on page The program allows the. The allowed paths through the maze arc specified in the DATA statements beginning line A 0 indicates that the cell is inaccessible. A 1 shows that the cell is accessible. Somewhere in the maze should be a 3 indicating the starting cell and a 4 indicating the.

The computer replaces a cell status value with 2 once it lands on the cell. The comments at line describe the array data struc-. This gives YOU near-ploiler resolution on your. Prmt accurale drawings in ANY scale! With over 50 powerful commands. Ifiis package is perfect lor house plans, schematics, engineering and virtually any application.

COD add The cells are in a 10 by 10 square, num bered from I to The top row is numbered 1 through. For cell number C. Line checks to see if we are back at the sinning cell and have tried al! If the cell in the chosen direction is the exit cell 4 , the exit routine at line is called. If the next cell chosen is. C give the numbers of the cells adjacent to cell C. With respect to cell C. The maze is originally drawn during the initialization by the routine at line On the screen, an inaccessible cell in the maze is shown.

As the computer moves through the maze, its position is shown by a blinking O. The current path is shown by O's. Once the end of the maze has been reached, line The computer's moves are stored in a doubly linked list MV.

In this doubly linked list, MV C,0 is a forward link indicating the next direction to move, and MV C,1 is the back link telling the previous cell number.

The computer always tries first to move in direction number 1 up from each. Line shows how easily the back links MV C,1 can be used to step back ward through the maze. Line shows how the forward. Feel free to modify this program. Change the amount. A move in a certain direction is in valid if that cell is inaccessible or has already been visited.

You must use a square number for NC or the screen display. If direction number 2 right is not valid, then the com puter tries directions 3 down and then 4 left. If there is no valid move from cell C, then the computer backs up. MV C,1 stores the cell number of the previous cell on the path. Line uses this value to know where to back up.

Lines and restore the status and the direction. The X and Y arrays store the column and row in formation for putting the cursor on the screen at the prop er position. They are assigned beginning at line The data structures make this program very easy to write and modify. The main loop is conlained in lines through Each move is selected by the subroutine at line There the direction pointer of the current cell MV C,0 is incremented in line The subroutine at line determines if the selected di rection is less than or equal to 4.

If not, all paths from this cell have been tried unsuccessfully, and the only thing to do is retreat. The BKUP flag is set to indicate this. If the direction is a valid number less than 5 , line uses the forward link to calculate the cell number in that. Line checks the status of that cell. If it is inaccessible 0 , occupied 2 , or the starting cell 3 , the.

There are some interesting results from changing the al lowed paths through the maze. For example, if there are four fs asterisks forming a square on a path in the maze, the cursor seems to perform a dance as it navigates the path in all possible sequences. As written, the program stops once it finds the first so lution.

It would be possible to modify the program to con. Then the shortest or iongest path could be displayed. You might add some more intelligence to the movement. Perhaps a stack or a tree data struc. A familiarity with the possible data structures is certainly to your advantage for writing readable, debuggable, and effi cient programs. Put an end to those spaghetti-coded, en tangled programs.

It is amazing what the proper daw struc. Gorilla Banana Juki Juki Legend OKI SG Panasonic M know i poweriui machine wnen we see one. DuT not ro th? ID s Wiift a prmtef. Able lo use Print Snop'". Tne Lattei Wirard is designed lo take advantage oT. Well, we can rteip Each ol our Craphic An Disks twiures outstanding hi res graphics, coveimg a wide range ot.

Sdesfiow un even T? Ordtra ouiaida nl Nonh America add U. Perhaps I should explain, I am 72 years of age and an avid computerist and have been thoroughly disgusted be. The mention in Ahoy! Several recent customers have referred to it before placing. While there is no way of knowing, I suspect there. Any consideration we can be shown along these lines would be. There is an unfortunate similarity in name as between our company and Schneider Software, concerning which you printed a "Buyer Beware" mention in the August issue of Ahoy!

There is no connection whatso ever between Schnedler Systems and Schneider Software. We at Sehncdler Systems have always tried to be highly re sponsive to our customers, lo deliver good value, and to always have advertised products in stock. Among the en closed materials you will find two reprints from the "In side Commodore" column of Computer Shopper magazine.

Box Asheville, NC We're truly distressed lhat Schneider Software's failure to fulfill orders has resulted in problems for Schnedler Sys tems. Schnedler Systems has advertised in Ahoy! We request that anyone reading. As in all three in eluded Harness, Thoro, Greyhound , for one low price But don't let the low price fool you.

Systems III utilizes. There is more. Checking the viability of eleve different wager types. Pin-pointing the most efficier way to wager on a given race. Other features include full support of the C-1 28's ni. Price includes shipping. N V nil. Selected An Gallery images are available on disk. Included are a slide show for easy viewing, along with a bit map dump for your printer or properly interfaced equivalent. Prices shown arc for US and Canada.

New York State restdcnls please add appropriate sales taxes. Disks may be ordered from Morton Kevelson, P. Box , Home-. The Ahoy! Art Gallery offers ihc opportunity for fame and fortune to any and all aspiring Commodore artists. Simply send. Morton see address above your work on disk indicating ihc drawing package or file format of ihc images.

Inclusion of a self-addressed post card will guarantee an immediate response. If your image is published, you will receive a free one-year subscription to Ahayl If you are already a subscriber, your subscription will be extended by one year.

Note thai ihe An Gallery is not a contest. Published pic tures are selected in an arbitrary and capricious fashion by. Garie Edison, HJ. To the right is Chinese Cartoon, also. Everything mentioned thus far was drawn an the 64 with Koala.

With Q-Link, you can sharpen your computer skills.. Now you can plug your Commodore into an exclusive network that's useful, easy, fun and inexpensive. Get help from Commodore experts — use the Hotline. OffervalidinlheiontmentalUS and Canada fornew member! Also, you can preview new copyrighted software before you buy. Contributors to Tips Altoy! Send your best programming and hard. You must include a stamped and self-addressed en.

The short machine language program below will keep you updated on the time all through the night, with no weird. SYS commands to reactivate it! The computer will prompt you for the time in 9 digit formal, and will boot the machine language up for you. The time appears in the. Numbers in black are the keyboard color numbers. After your testing, be sure to put LINE 70 and 80 back.

Everybody knows what is usu ally wrong with the program that makes it hardly worth. After typ ing in and running the program, you will be asked for a.

Before choosing the demo, make sure your primer is on. After hitting the space bar, you will be asked to enter the number of the sprite you wish to display. The sprite will then be displayed on the printer in a grid formation. This enables you to see the direct correlation between pixels of the sprite.

Press them again to scroll another line down. The screen rolls downward like a cannonball on a slide. ScroIl-u-Mcitic waits until the cursor is off before doing its work. This keeps the cursor's footprint from inadver. First, change the hexadecimal value CF in line 60 to a 30 and the value A6 in line If you happen to be in quote or insert mode. This lets you use the function key graph ics in your programs. Scrvll-a-Matic is set to load at If you want to put it somewhere else, just change the variable S in line 4.

Continue back and forth like this and see how long you. Give ScroU-u-Maiic a spin. You'll have the first Com modore 64 yo-yo on die block. Maybe you need to add something above, or perhaps you just want to watch everything head south for a change. As outlined by Hal B. Cook, Billboard's publisher, "Campus Cub" reporters at some 50 colleges and universities across the country will form the nucleus of the new project.

Before recording artists appear at concerts. Billboard Campus Club representatives will alert record dealers, radio-TV stations and juke box operators to the time and re- project, had been pre-alerted to their concert, had stocked enough Limeliter albums to fill demand.

Campus Cub representatives set at four Billboard's newest industry service project will be directed by Frank Luppino, have already been universities.

Cook pointed out that in addition to alerting the local stations, dealers and operators, representatives the campus would also attend the personal appearance performance and the will a Campus Cub at Indiana University learned that one dealer in Bloomington sold 68 albums SO monaural and 18 stereo in the week following the concert appearance of the Limeliters and, because he the ord port representative turn to local record dealers to determine actual record sales by the artists.

In a "dry run" of as the first campus representatives. They will also closely with campus radio stations and campus newspapers. Each will program or print Indiana, work from re- on reception and attend- Billboard's larity charts record popu- each week. His future plans are not yet set. As of now no successor has been named. Foley has been with Big Three for the past 16 years, and is one of the music industry veterans.

He answered that as far as he knew this was not the case, even though he did not personally conduct such artist negotiations. Much of the questioning of Shockett dealt with matters of prices paid by Malverne to manufacturers for LP's and prices charged by the company for dealer purchases. Over repeated objections by Columbia counsel, the questionwas allowed to proceed ing when FTC attorneys explained the necessity establishing of average or going prices for certain kinds of product within the industry as a basis for the claim that Columbia employs unfair pricing tactics.

Billboard Man Testimony by Billboard ReDirector Thomas Noonan dealt with operating procedures involved in preparing record market research information for the industry. Anaheim in person. Hearings continued this week. His DelTone album "Surfer's Choice" is one of the top sellers in this market as are two of his singles, "Peppermint lou. Our Baltimore distributor used to have a truck waiting at the Victor Rockaway plant every day, and so did our Boston distributor. They were billed as they shoved the albums into their cars or taxicabs and sped away.

The same scene was being enacted in Los Angeles. By November 23, about 10 days after the record had broken in New York, Cadence had billed and shipped more than , LP's, excluding the freebies.

The firm had shipped more than , to Alpha in New York, and it still owed , on back order. All the Way As of November 30 the firm had billed and shipped 2,, records, again excluding the freebies which add up to 16 per cent over the top.

As of December 7, total billed and shipped was 2,,; December 14, 3,,; December The album is still selling at the rate of about 10, a week. Still, shipments have been carefully watched to the extent that right now, according to Dollin- ger and Mack, they do not believe there are more than 10, albums out in the field that might be returned.

It started when the firm's Hartford distributor. Eastern, called to place a large order. Distribucame through with cash, many of them going out and getting loans on their accounts receivables. At the height of the frantic demand.

Dollinger was receiving impassioned calls frtxn stores, racks and chains. He told the store to see the local Cadence dtotributor. They were up an never catch up, and I know Archie needs it. It seems that when they wanted the 'First Family' they found they could get it more quickly from dis- from the rackers. Distributors say that a number of chains have returned to them and intend to stay with them because of better service.

Dollinger: "I there will ever be another that sells so many copies in such a short period of time. But we now know not only that an album can sell 4 million in a few months, but that it is also possible to produce 4 million and get them to the stores while they're hot. Give them the records they want and they'll buy.

Comptroller - accountant of a large New York record to Nash- company moving ville in February. AM phases of purchasing, production control, office man- agement, accounting taxes and inventory. Box , Billboard, Broadway, N. Open To teletype at 3 factories, receives order-types up— complete with Invoice carbons. N A. Metal and nickel stamper separated. You've got to have fast, efficient delivery of when they need them! Our operation is streamlined— all the bugs are worked out! When you come to us for anything in recorded sound— you get instant action.

THE 44S N. LakI Shora Dr. Kadnlle 3, Tann. Vina St. Contact your Termination of program— March 30, distributor for complete details. It has been our sincere pleasure to sponsor them continuously for ten years on the Opry and on radio and TV stations throughout the Southeast. We salute you— Lester Flatt and Cohen T. They also play the Sullivan TV show in March. York Ed The Clara Ward gospel singers are living pretty high off the hog these days.

They soon conclude a stint in Las Vegas, Nev. With Benny they will play the O'Keefe Center in Toronto for two weeks and they open in this city with the same that has gone 38 show at the Ziegfeld Theater. Jack Beimy returns to. New York an absence of 31 years as one-man show. Her first break came when she was signed Eddie Fisher's "Coke for Time" show in Miss Stewart moved to New York Columbia brought in Dion week to publicize his newest record, "Ruby Ann," and did the rounds of deejays.

The record firm has promoted Sal Ingeme, former promotion man, its field promotion manager for the this and in replaced Betty Johnson on Galen Drake's radio show and appeared with him for two years. In , she sang for a season on Garry Moore's morning program and soon began studying dramatics which she has been pursuing for three years.

The songstress became a regular on the "Perry Como Show" during the season. It was on a recent segment of the Como show that Sandy Stewart introduced her current hit single. His Boston spot will be taken over by Russ Blood, a former frcc-Iance promotion op.

Distributors p. Her currenl W. Andre Xettclaneti hes a weaHh ol albums on the market for the Caliimbia label. Hh new ilnflle If "Me and My Sliadaw'' b. Speaking of Monument, their new offices in RCA bison.

Acuff-Rose writer extraordinaire John Loudennilk, has "far-away. He has already signed the McGuire Sisters for a summer date. Orchestra leader Tony Lavelll has been tapped for a TV series that calls for the hero to be an actor-musician.

Hcndersonville near Nashville are second to none in beauty look" in his eyes as plans jell for appearances with "Our Man and functionalism. Tour to include Rome, parts of. The in- terior is sheer plush and outside of building features attractive design built around a star effect.

If clipped attd Of 3 by S cards thesa biograptties will help you build a convenient file of such data. France, England and other Eu- ropean stops. Careful researching of background material should lend added depth. WAl-K Z. Phlllpl 4MII4. BMI 10 4. E CIRl. United Ed Townsend. Cul- Peterson. IT'S Snusb Musicor 2 By K- AUcn-R. A Miracles, SS Benton, Mercury Scepter BMI BIG Canyon BMI 1 Challenge Fabor RCA Victor Use of either may not be made without Billboard's consent.

Requests lor such consent should be submitted in writing to the publishers of Billboard at Broadway. New Yotlc OF — Big Top David Carioll. Cities to be visited are Salina, Kan.

Couch, Robert E. Frick, of R. Records, Indiana, Pa. Hoerner is augmenting his regular deejay activities with a bi-monthly country music column in a widely Illinois Northern circulated newspaper. Jones will be active In all phases ness. Jones is a native of Columbia, Tenn. Jimmy currently playing in 11 major Southeastern markets, and a pJU schedule has been arranged for the group that will take it through the Southeast.

Mr, D. May be confined several weeks. Drop her a cheery. Also hospitalized is note. He'n be in about a week. Ray Price and wife and young son stopped off in KingsviDe, Tex,, the other day for a visit with his friends on the mighty King Ranch 3,, acres.

Any deejay who talks down to his listeners not only should be fired at once but should be buggy-whipped. I received by training in country music from a for- mer boss who c. Some of these guys wearing the title of c. Please eries this to shoot tell c. FayetteviUe, in on C, where he's heard 2 to 3 p. C, reports that she has received a request for a record by Jim Reeves, which she doesn't have remember having don't or heard.

The record is "Mv Isle of Golden Dreams," said to be an oldie. I don't Continued on page 19 — In a party attended by 25 personal and business friends at Sheltering Oaks Hospital here Sunday 13 , Lou Epstein, partner with Jimmie Skinner in the Jimmie Skinner Music Center, Cincy's top country music shop, was presented with a scroll signed by virtually every country name on the Nashville scene, naming him Colonel of Country Music for "his 20 years of pioneering the country many music field and contributions he has the made to that facet of the music business.

Presentation who was made by with Si Shulman, Skinner, advertising local and publicity man. Ethel Lee Scarbrough, Mrs. Millie Epstein and Joe Elliott, of the Skinner music shop. Epstein has been hospitalized the last eight months. Saturday Upcoming dates include Greenville, S. C, January 24; Gastonia, N. C, 25; High Point, N. C, 26; Hickory, N. Mldllsm Ava.

C, 25; Tracey City, Tenn. Smith Goes to Town" Starday and "Arthur. C, 23; Union, S. Kingstree, 16; AflantB, Ga. C, 22; Erwbi, Tenn. C, 26; Fort Rucker, N. C, 27; Justin Tubb, Sccaucus, N. C, January 26; Savannah, Ga. Dick Roman, Harmon. Pat Boone, Dot. Wayne King, Decca. Arthur Lyman, Crescendo. The Four Saints, Warner Bros. Andy Williams, Columbia. Have all recorded "Days of Wine and Roses. An industry committee serves in an advisory capacity to the hi-fi show.

Shrader, president of Shrader Sound, Inc. Robert Rogers board chairman, and Mrs. Jim Thornton has Action. Norman manager. Thornton diskeries who want exposure on their c.

Victor will produce four souvenir albums under the direction of Herman Diaz of the staff. The Marine Corps, Army, Navy and Air Force bands will record the martial airs previously recorded only by non-military orchestras or foreign military bands. Bob has available samples on Bill Goodwin's new release on the Band Box label. Drop him a request on your station letterhead. Since leaving his producer post at Victor la.

Office Veteran a. A request on your sta- Hit Still Packed Culture Center which Lee Ross, deejay Radio, to Mexican These Action to we program coun- music eight hours a day and are located in good country music territory just 40 miles south of San Antonio. Coming up fa! Kieffer commended the Office of Public Affairs, Department of Deefnse and the Military Services for their co-operation in the first service-played recordings of American's marching and patriotic music.

Miroclai, 19 L. Franz moves to the Capitol Tower here after serving as personnel director of the firm's Scranton, Pa. Michigan Chicago 16, III. Spetllght orinnert in the covntrv music and rhythm and blues categories aro taiected to achieve a listing on the CountrY Music or R.

Spotlight winners in other categories ore Bslectad OR tkt ttslt of their tatiallal to bocoila tap Milan la thalr raayoctlvo arvu.

Kildarc" scg. It's the typo of ballad that has tcoraj BO well with the star's femma fans aod it should move fast. Goad coHid Flip go. The jock eiposure and the sound, with thunderstorm and athef eerie effects could make this a big telling item. Ratingt of only the outstanding week are publlthed, including all rKeiving a four-star review or better on at tential.

It's a warning lo a wandering love to quit the juke boi joints if he wants to come on home. Firtt it a heart-wringing ballad about a broken marriage. Flip It a cute weeper ityle outing about hit gal who gaoB "Hollywood. Both hove a good chopca. Soxa style. Itt got a tound of itt own though, aod it It packed with humar. Topper is a swinger with a good dance beat that features strong singing and a humorous lyric. Flip Is a bright nctaballad Hut the Boll wllb waraitli. Watch tham both.

First up it an attractive boiled, warmly delivered with a choral assist. Itt got a ttrong beat and a clever lyric. The lad tingt it with rhythm and good humor and, what with the dance hebitt building one upon the ether, the side should get a good deal ef play. Hare't Strong was for the teen tel.

Good, understandable message with broad appeal. Its got that solid "surfer" instromental boat that seems ta strike tba Uds' fancy. It's a weeper in which huge choral and ttring offoctt lush the background. All four- star tingles are listed within their retpeclive categortet. Flip tides arc rated separately. DLP NO.

4 Record Mirror, August 5, »OS SNAILAW Es11Df i'IQ~S TOUR THE TOM ROBfNSON Band are set to begin an extensive British tour in the middle of Septembers and support for the four week stint alit be highly rated Jamaican band Third World. The tour follows Robinson', appearance at thé Re'ading'Fealival over the Bank Holiday weekend.

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