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Behold The Arctopus* - Horrorscension

10.05.2020 Volkis 10 Comments

Monolithic Destractions 3. Horrorsentience 4. Deluge of Sores 5. Putrefucktion 6. Submit Account Cart 0. Perhaps the album's only saving grace is the closer Annihilvore, in which the last four minutes sound like a leftover track from Marston's black metal project, Krallice.

Instead of the inanity of the preceding tracks, it focuses on highly textural sustained tremolo riffs which swell into a glorious climax of blastbeats and abrasive chords. Apart from that, the quasi-title track Horrorsentience has a mysterious little atmospheric section that serves as a welcome break before resuming the status quo and going nowhere again.

It's almost like Lerner and Marston composed Horrorscension with cheeky grins on their faces, hoping to be as irritating and unmemorable as they possibly can. If that was their intention, then kudos to them for pulling it off with aplomb.

Think of the perfect tech metal dream band; a shining example of everything good and great about the style. Now, take that band, and remove everything that would make them even remotely appealing to the general public, and you might get a sense of what Behold the Arctopus sound like.

Like some nightmarish labyrinth, most of the chaotic ideas here lead absolutely nowhere, and a noxious atmosphere of calculated disorder saturates every minute of the album.

The music here generally flows in a rhapsodic form, furious tech metal ideas are barraged at the listener, pummeling away for a few seconds before Behold the Arctopus move on to the next idea in line.

Although the fanatic precision and cooperation between the guitars and drums implies that each of these ideas were meticulously designed, the composition and structure seem to do everything in their limited power to convince the listener that the music is a random mess.

Although there are a few ideas that initially suggest the track will develop into something cohesive and memorable, it never really goes anywhere. Of course, with this and any relatively challenging album, it takes several listens before all of its layers are truly revealed. Around the third or fourth spin, the patchy string of ideas becomes easier to overlook, and the atmosphere becomes more evident.

This was said of Arnold Schoenberg's music. He was a revolutionary composer who threw out the use of 7-tone, key-centered music, and implemented a tone system absolutely unlike anything before.

He believed music needed to move into new territory or it would die, even if the music being made was not pleasant or necessarily listenable. I've always held the belief that no one sits down and actually enjoys his music - he himself said it's not enjoyable - I listen to his music, and think, hey - that's really interesting.

I view this band in the same light. It's not pleasant, it's not enjoyable, it's not good in any conventional sense. I can only hope it'll throw something interesting at me, as a composer and music nerd. Stylistically this band is impossible to detail, the chaos of the music defies categorization.

There are jazz and funk chord shapes, there are brief periods of what could be black metal, horror movie soundtrack, indie rock - with lots of abstract, no-reason-whatsoever slides, trills and harmonics; and the drums play no semblance of what would be considered a beat, but there is some free form, acid jazz elements to the drumming, and a heavy, heavy swing to some drum parts that if you didn't know any better, would just sound off time.

The tempo is very ambiguous and ever-changing, and as stated previously about this band - and this is literal truth, no guitar or drum part is played for longer than 5 seconds, or repeated. It's chaos. Viewing this through the lens of "interesting lab work", which would earn it a hugely reduced score anyway - it's still not any good. Kelly Rankin. Patrick Duffy. Lee Daniel Gauthier. Carl King. Daniel Garcia.

David Everson. Callum Whiting. Brent Davis. James Kellogg. Quentin Shaw. Sean Gill. Derek Hubbard. Justin Berry. Kevin Ingham. Nathaniel DeMar. Mark Williams. Maik Maik. Udo Gerhards. Jordan Ambrose. Adam Wujtewicz. Retrieved Archived from the original on Archived from the original on February 7, Retrieved January 1, The Arctopus. Skullgrid Horrorscension. The Arctopus with Orthrelm. Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning reissue. Arctopocalypse Now

Oct 22,  · Listen to Horrorscensionby Behold the Arctopus on Slacker Radio, where you can also create personalized internet radio stations based on your favorite albums, artists and bluegrass.chartgenie.netinfoed on: October 22,

10 thought on “Behold The Arctopus* - Horrorscension ”

  1. Meztishura says:
    The Arctopus must have had several problems when recording their albums, because their second, Horrorscension, is even shorter (28 minutes) and features even more cerebral, dizzy and “technical” (when not counting the Cubase editing) songwriting than in the past: more blast-beats, more slurred interruptions even more extreme dynamics and.
  2. Akishura says:
    Oct 23,  · It's been five years since Brooklyn, NY instrumental group Behold the Arctopus released their debut album, Skullgrid, and its follow-up has finally arrived, in the form of Horrorscension.8/
  3. Vokus says:
    Behold the Arctopus has been described as “soulless technical death metal,” and as their second album Horrorscension opens with Disintegore, this proves to be true. It’s a song that feels like an intro or an overture, as if at any second it will break into a recognizable song structure, into a flowing work of progressive genius.
  4. Zolor says:
    Behold The Arctopus was formed by Colin Marston and Mike Lerner, who had been playing guitar together for over a year-and-a-half by the time they found a drummer. Their demo We Need a Drummer (on which a drum machine was used) was picked up by drummer Charlie Zeleny. Zeleny met Lerner and Marston and impressed the duo.
  5. Dalkis says:
    Apr 24,  · Check out Horrorscension by Behold The Arctopus on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on bluegrass.chartgenie.netinfo(4).
  6. Faer says:
    Behold the Arctopus has been described as "soulless technical death metal," and as their second album Horrorscension opens with Disintegore, this proves to be true. It's a song that feels like an intro or an overture, as if at any second it will break into a recognizable song structure, into a fl (read more)/5.
  7. Zoloshakar says:
    The Arctopus('s) Album Horrorscension. Listen to all tracks of Horrorscension for free. Recorded, mixed, mastered February and March , at menegroth, the thousand caves. © Behold The Arctopus Released in a 2-panel Digipak.
  8. Tusida says:
    Biography Behold the Arctopus is a 3 piece instrumental band that formed in New York City in , featuring Colin Marston on Warr guitar (a 12 string guitar/bass) and Mike Lerner on electric guitar. Both founding members spent over a year looking for a drummer that could hold the reins of their writings.
  9. Bagor says:
    Behold the Arctopus was formed in New York City in by Colin Marston and Mike Lerner. Their music exists at the nexus of extreme metal and progressive rock, with a compositional approach heavily informed by 20th century classical music.
  10. Yozshulkree says:
    Oct 23,  · Release Date: October 23, After 5 years, Behold The Arctopus have returned!!! Since the release of their last album, Skullgrid, the presence of BTA has grown and soared with the popularity of string, Warr guitar-wielding, composer/producer, Colin Marston.

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