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Acton Art - Various - Mirror Image Vol. II

22.01.2020 Moogujin 6 Comments

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On back cover: A1 [ As we learn about each teen, they all get incapacitated and kidnapped. They're all brought together, put in power nullifiers, and of coarse it's revealed that it was Damian who did all this to them.

It's the only thing he knows, using people as pawns, tools, weapons at his disposal. He's such a little bastard at first! I love what Percy has done in putting Damian in a situation where he would not only have to ask for help, but also put him in a situation where he can see a mirror image of his group and realize that people aren't just tools for someone's disposal. Damian would be able to see the value of friendship as opposed the the Demon's Fist, lead by his cousin Mara, who views her fellow assassins as nothing more than pawns in her game to best Damian and become the heir to The League of Assassins.

By the end of the book, there is a strong sense of friendship vs. I love seeing Ra's al Ghul in pretty much anything, so it was awesome to see him here! When you're reading about a bunch of teen superheroes, two of them sidekicks, one that's new to the whole hero game, go up against one of the most dangerous men to ever live, it really brings out the caliber of villain that Ra's is, but it also elevates the Titans to new levels. There's a wonderful dynamic going on with the Demon's Fist at the end that mirrors the Titans.

We have a great cast coming from wildly different backgrounds, and one thing that this title has always done in fantastic fashion is putting together a group of diverse people who can come together to be something much more than they are individually. We have Wally West II: a kid who learned that his "uncle" was actually his supervillain father. We have Raven: a daughter of a super demon who's afraid she'll become her father.

We have Starfire: an exiled, ex slave who is really the rightful ruler of her planet. Beast Boy: a love addicted kid who acts goofy to cover up the pain of losing his family.

Then, there's team leader Damian Wayne: son of Batman, grandson of Ra's al Ghul, torn between two destinies, one supremely good, the other unimaginably evil. Benjamin Percy did a wonderful job of putting together the right cast and making everyone likable, including Damian, which is NOT easy.

I'm dying to check out volume 2! Art: I've never read a comic with art by any of the three artists here. Jonboy Myers is by far the best penciler here. I absolutely love his art and it's probably more appropriate for this title than any other in DC's lineup. Just really fantastic lines, and the inkers interpret the art well.

Diogenes Neves does one issue, and that art is fine as well. Khoi Pham does most of the issues in this book, and I have to say, while Pham's art isn't totally terrible I have seen worse , I'm not a fan at all of this style! Pham draws Damian's head like a baby's. Literally, a baby's head on what's supposed to be a thirteen year old! Seeing that kind of takes one out of the immersion. Borgmann notes the possibilities for real personal engagement and fellowship are endless and critical to our well-being.

Such are the activities and things that contribute to the health and prosperity of the vital human person. Borgmann does not take an uninterrupted path to this point, however. At the beginning he tends to emphasize the negative aspects of technology rather than also seeing human innovation as a good manifestation of the cultural blessing in Genesis This can give the impression that Borgmann is working from some sort of romanticist, neo-Luddite conception of technology.

In the end, this is not really the case at all, but his largely negative view of technology results from the nature of this book. It is a reactionary critique against the prevailing cultural mores, and it is difficult to write such a critique, constructive though it may be, without erring at some point on the opposite extreme.

Some of his conclusions, too, are highly problematic. Crash Music. Pump Records. Southern House. Columbia , Codeine Records. Featuring James T. Album 2 versions. Def Jam Recordings. Atlantic , Atlantic. Critique , Golden Boy Records. Roadrunner Records. Personal Conversation Album 2 versions. Def Jam Music Group. Whateva Man 2 versions.

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