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A Dialogue Of Love - Henry Jacobs - Around The World With Henry Jacobs

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Does this ultimate, brain-tickling television program sound too good to be true? In this day and age of narrow focused broadcast beams it is, but open your eyes wide because in a few episodes of this magic was made real. One familiar voice heard on the program is that of Zen philosopher Alan Watts.

This is no strange coincidence as Henry Jacobs was as tight with Watts as tight can be. Jacobs is somewhat the voice behind the voice behind the voice behind the voice of Zen. Jacobs is the living, breathing, acting, thinking, laughing, swimming expression of life lived with a mind wide open. Wow, we could go on and on and on but the point is, you should not miss this screening. Oh yeah, there will be a live tape loop performance and probably some left-handed ping pong action happening as well.

Henry Jacobs: official website. Henry Jacobs: Important Records. Henry Jacobs: Locust Music. Each show begins with the same image: a gallon of paint thrown onto a black and white target. Red gooey paint, probably the worst tool for the job a target suggests—hitting the center and the center only, and all the competition, judgment, and evaluation therein. Goofing off is the giving up of all things Western Civilization worked so hard to make soul crushing: progress, work, betterment of self, basing everything on the future and linear time and the always wanting that time to be faster and more convenient.

Not to mention the primacy of the plot and drama at all costs in storytelling, the anything-less-than-success as shameful construct, and the sadness as failure feeling, and the exploitation of any and all substances you can gather to ease all the worries us European-descenters are so prone to. Yes, this is what this kid show addresses.

And this little confrontation was happening on public television, broadcast across the airwaves in The positivity-openheartedness-vulnerability expressed in this show would be mocked by most mainstream and counter-culture makers of today.

Softness is so easily beaten-up. What a party that would be. After graduation, Jacob worked as an Assistant Executive Housekeeper at Beau Rivage Casino and Resort in Biloxi, MS where he learned the importance of working as a team and supporting one another to get the job done.

Jacob is committed to merging this experience and his deep connection to Jacobs into his new role of Development Manager. Nadav Herman grew up in the Golan Heights, Israel where he first discovered his love of adventure. At the age of 4 Nadav left his Kibbutz and rode his tricycle to the neighboring village.

Fast forward to when he rode his bike across the USA! The only job he has not had is a cabin counselor. Nadav loves the community and is so excited to support our facility so that it can be the safest and most exciting for our campers and staff. Tamisa enjoys spending time with her children and family.

He was co-curator of the Alan Watts archive. In , working with artist Jordan Belson , Jacobs produced the Vortex Concerts, a series of concerts featuring new music, including some of Jacobs' own, and that of Karlheinz Stockhausen , and many others - taking place in the Morrison Planetarium in Golden Gate Park , San Francisco. Sound designers, including Walter Murch , the sound designer of Apocalypse Now , commonly regard this as the origin of the now standard concept of " surround sound.

Jacobs' album, The Wide Weird World of Shorty Petterstein consisted largely of encounters between hipsters and unknowing squares. One interviewer asks about art to be told, "Art? He's been with the band about six months. Blows good piano. With the backing of the American Cancer Society , Jacobs, in collaboration with John Korty, put together an animated short film about quitting smoking, Breaking the Habit , which was nominated for an Academy Award in This brought Jacobs far enough into the limelight to get remunerative work as a sound consultant.

Jacobs's approach to sound manipulation greatly interested Walter Murch and George Lucas , and he was tapped to provide some improvised soundtrack material and background dialogue for Lucas's film THX Jacobs was godfather to sound designer Ren Klyce. The bulk of his master tapes were destroyed by fire in , though 63 reel-to-reel tapes were rediscovered by Jack Dangers who released a portion of the material in collaboration with Jacobs in A few years ago, Jack Dangers, the chief songwriter of the San Francisco band Meat Beat Manifesto, got a phone call from some friends who were renovating a house.

Curious, Dangers hunted down a working reel-to-reel player and recognized the voice immediately. He bought an old Henry Jacobs LP at a record swap years ago. It seems the tapes found under the house had been there since Jacobs lived in Mill Valley 40 years ago. Dangers and a friend tracked the year-old satirist down and invited him over. Here's some CDs. Jacobs and his friends would improvise in character, then he would edit the sessions on his reel-to-reel machine.

Jacobs got his start in radio satire in the s at the University of Illinois hosting a show called "Music and Folklore. Jacobs took his radio show with him to San Francisco in , and two years later, his friend Mo Asch, who ran the Folkways label, asked to release some highlights.

After the LP came out, Jacobs says he got offers to cross over into stand-up comedy, but he says he didn't want to. That devotion to his craft did not win Jacobs fame or fortune, but it did earn him the admiration of some hardcore fans, including sound designer Walter Murch, who would later win Academy Awards for his work on the films Apocalypse Now and The English Patient.

Henry Jacobs: "Brown Pastures" Brown Pastures Fairly early in my career, the advertising world discovered me, and used me as a device to titillate the sponsors that they were getting their money from.

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    David Henry Jacobs. March 27, ~ October 29, David Henry Jacobs passed away peacefully at home on October 29, as a result of pancreatic cancer. He was born on March 27, at the old Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah to Briant Stringham and Margaret Bingham Jacobs.

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